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Linggo, Setyembre 20, 2015

What I WORE: Into The Blue

First of all I want you folks to know that I am extremely happy that I was able to shoot another WHAT I WORE feature for the mag..
I have been dying to do this for a few months now but my weight seems to be getting in the way of things HAHA! 
So thank GOD that I was able to hit the gym and fix my diet (just a little haha!).. 
Plus given this opportunity of hosting another event made my FOCUS in losing weight a little more on point..

So here’s what I actually wore on that hosting stint that you folks might want to wear on some of your (not so) formal events but you want to outstand by being a dapper gent..
Well it’s not super formal because of the shoes and the fact that I had to wear that NO SHOW SOCK..

Anyway the whole look works despite having two different prints because both prints are not over powering each other..
The polka dots are smaller and the stripes are thin..
And since there are already two details that makes the look special..
 I had to tone the other details out like by pairing it with matching trousers and a a crisp white shirt..
I was fortunate enough to actually have a tie with the same print as the details of the coat that I am wearing..
Then I was also fortunate enough to find these plain white topsiders (that is just on budget.. haha)..
Lastly these clear eyewear that I usually use to accessorize my look..

So just remember to keep the whole look clean by not having too much of things going on with the whole look and lastly that choice of color can maintain that dapper gent in you..



Louie Ray Faundo