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Linggo, Marso 30, 2014

What I WORE: “Maroon Five Challenge”

I recently got a wedding invite from a good friend of mine..

It was my Dubai based DJ (previously from LoveRadio) “Phine” a.k.a. “Maria Maldita”..

And to my surprise the wedding invite says that we can’t wear anything that’s not part of the “ROYGBIV”

R(ed), O(range), Y(ellow), G(reen), B(lue), I(indigo), V(iolet)

Whaaat??? No BLACK, GREY, WHITE, BROWN or NUDE colors??

Sorry but I just can’t imagine going to a wedding in a rainbow colored outfit.

You see.. looking GREAT in a wedding (for me..) is a must!


You’d be photographed most likely..

You’d be a party pooper if you won’t say yes to a photograph..

it will be around social media..


and worst printed as a memorabilia that will be there for a long period of time. That is why it is very important that I’d present myself well during such events.      

So I was thinking of what I would wear since I have two existing colored pants from my last trip to Bangkok. It was either navy “BLUE” or “RED” velvet. However I felt like most guys would be wearing blue and I’d like to challenge myself this time.. So I chose RED. Then I had to look for a red coat (in the same HUE) to match the pants.. and yes I found one from a cheap boutique called “MOGAO”.

I learnt about it from a good friend of mine from Guam who often visits the country and is fond of looking for great finds here. I got the coat for only P699! Yeah.. you guys read it correctly. I got a cheap coat with a great fit and material.

So for this issue I’ll show you guys FIVE ways of mix matching your stuff with this cool find of mine.

For the first look I chose to pair the coat with a printed white shirt (Uniqlo) + Navy blue pants (Bangkok) + Brown Suede boots (Bangkok) –

I would want the look to remain “CLASSY” and a little “TRENDY” at the same time without going over the top. You guys may opt to wear this around the mall, when you feel like going to a movie date or lunch out with friends or even a casual dinner date with the one you love. I think this look can be worn in your school (especially when the rooms are air-conditioned..haha). For me I chose to wear this last Sunday on my weekly meeting with God at #TheFeast .. I just want to look extra special for that special guy up there who makes me feel loved.

So there you go guys with my first of the five looks for this issue. I’ll be posting the rest at least every week to inspire you guys to dress up.

Have fun reading STALKERS!


Louie Ray Faundo

Martes, Marso 25, 2014

Volume III Issue II: “Little BLACK Riding Hood”

“It was my parents who decided to call me YAPO.. how or why is still a mystery to me.”

I met “YAPO” a year ago.

It was when I had a project with STATUS Magazine to find fashionable individuals for their street style feature called “GoSEE”. I was just walking around a mall in the south and this amazingly fierce gal in black passed by.. I just knew at that moment that the mag would love her style.. and yes they did. Later on her look was published on the mag and the rest was history.  

What people don’t know about “YAPO” is that she is the complete opposite of how she packages herself through her clothes..

she’s SWEET..




which really makes her interesting. I remember having that crazy panic attack back then when I needed to ask her to pose for STATUS’s GoSEE. I seriously felt like a STALKER who checks her out. Haha! Anyways I asked her on how her style evolved she said that when her father died they (with her little sister) lived with some of their relatives while their mom was working abroad.

So when shopping I don't have someone who would say "you should wear this" or "This would suit you better.." I just buy what appeals to me and wear it.

She just buys what appeals to her and when she started blogging her readers started giving her feedback about how they liked her unique sense of style.. so she worked on that unique look of hers.
Yapo defines her style as a mixture of Japanese fashion, street style and avant-garde which only favors black and white.

She adds..
“I wouldn't exactly call my style Goth although it is the easiest word I can find when strangers approach me and ask.”

I remember her telling me stories about how random strangers and street vendors would try to tease or make fun of her unusual style (to the extent that they would sometimes poke her accessories and pretend that they got hurt)  she would just IGNORE them since at the end of the they their FEEDBACK won’t matter to her.

So I started wondering on how do boys react to this UNIQUE STYLE? She says that her boyfriend does not mind at all. I felt that confidence inside her that you don’t usually see with other girls.
She says..

“I don't know. Since I know my style isn't for everyone, I learned not to think about how boys (or girls) would react to me nor wait for them to react or to express it.” 

She explains that if ever that she would have a daughter in the future.. she might not encourage her daughter to pursue this style but as long as she would find joy and fulfillment in it and remains true to herself then it would be FINE.

If you guys think that her style was this dark when she started then think twice. Yapo used to be really colorful back then (like powerpuff girl colorful.. haha) and she was chubby cute too! (sorry you might kill me now..haha). I guess her fascination with a dark character from “Lord of the Rings” is what turned her into this cool dark girl.  Most of YAPO’s influences now are from bloggers such as Shui Tsang ( and Watarubob (@watarubob on IG) who are both known for STREET STYLE. Yapo has been blogging for a couple of years now at www.yaporu,net which already has gained its own niche of readers from all over the globe. Recently she had the opportunity to shine brighter as local accessories brand “OS” had her model some of their coolest pieces.

“Youth is so beautiful let us not be afraid of expressing ourselves and experimenting. We all co-exist and deep inside us is a hope we can change the world into better no matter how small we are.”

She says when asked If what’s the legacy that she would want to leave her readers. This is the reason why YAPO is just a perfect cover girl for STALK. She is just full of substance and she believes that her fashion could inspire a lot of kids that It’s ok to be DIFFERENT.

She makes “DIFFERENT” such a positive term..

And that’s why she’s STALK worthy.



Photographed by Louie Ray Faundo
Model Yapo
Shoot Assistant Jolly Bilangdal

Sabado, Marso 22, 2014

The Cover That Didn't Make It: "Un-YAPO-logetic"

A magazine "COVER" is the selling point of a magazine.

That is why I cant blame editors for sometimes going too far with "PHOTOSHOP" since people wont really care with what's on the the inside not unless you're a big fan of the mag or the celeb on the cover. Well I'm not writing this to talk about Photoshop "ETHICS". haha!

I'd just like to share this alternate cover of STALK's latest issue with blogger of and designer "YAPO" -- we just cant get enough of you. 

Stalk's signature cover is usually a portrait shot. Something that focuses on the eyes of our cover model. There's just something captivating with a photograph with such eyes that speaks to you (not literally.. because that would be crazy! haha..) It is just BEAUTIFUL.

So here it is that alternate cover of UNYAPOLOGETIC.

Enjoy reading STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014



It’s the time of the year again where we all MOVE ON. Students would start the next chapter of their LIVES. Either go to grade school, high school, college.. Or start to working. 

A couple of years ago when I was still in college I never expected that I would STOP studying because I needed to work already to help my sister out financially for her studies. So I never felt the urge to go back and take that one last subject which was “RIZAL”. Until that SUMMER of 2012 came where I knew that I am already ready to go back and finish what I started.. and luckily I did! Haha..

I just enjoyed being a student again that summer and I just knew that I had to give it my all. Because at the end of the day that paper (diploma) is just not a paper.. It is my vehicle to a greater career path.. It is my achievement. It is something that no one can steal from me. It will help me reach greater heights so that I could GIVE BACK to the community and probably help CREATE something that could make that CHANGE. That CHANGE that I want to see in the WORLD.    

So that same year I started STALK; an online magazine where I could express myself and work on all the things that I believe in. A magazine where I could create art and collaborate with budding artists and help them through write up’s and cover shoots.

So for our 2nd issue this year.. I would want you guys to get to know “YAPO” she’s a BLOGGER / DESIGNER (and also OS accessories’ latest muse) whom I met last year during one of my contributing gigs for STATUS magazine. We’ll find out more on what inspired her to pursue the dark side of being a GOTH. We also have “WHAT I WORE” and it’s about weddings (I have two friends who are getting married by end of the month) so expect more summer and dapper on our latest issue. We also have make-up tips for our female readers by our resident make-up artist Kimberly Aguirre.

I just can’t wait to SHARE all these good stuff..

But for now just ENJOY our latest cover guys!


Louie Ray Faundo

Miyerkules, Marso 19, 2014


It has been a while since I've had a shoot with my little sister.

We had been having shoots ever since I’ve learned the art of photography. Aside from Jolly Bilangdal my little sister is also my resident model / photographer (especially for What I WORE feature here in STALK) and we are just that comfortable with each other.

So a couple of weeks ago I had to practice shooting again with my studio lights at my home based studio and my little sister was kind enough to pose for me. Well she lost weight already so I felt that she’s ready for another sexy portrait shoot.      

So here’s what we've worked on so far. 

Enjoy browsing STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo

Lunes, Marso 17, 2014


I’ve gone around some shops over the past weekend to check out some must have’s this coming SUMMER – I’m sure most of you guys are already planning for a summer getaway and I’m sure you guys would want to take photos of what you’re wearing that day. It’s OOTD time again!

So for my first stop. It's Forever 21 men.

I just love the fact that this shop is just affordable. I mean it’s not cheap but definitely the quality of the clothes is just great. 

They have cool printed tanks.. boat shoes and floral printed bags that are just DOPE!

Espadrilles are still very much SUMMER worthy!

Then I checked out ZARA. The good thing with this brand is that you can never go wrong with the quality and the textiles that they produce.The only thing is that the price can sometimes be too much. Anyways I found this adorable floral printed varsity jacket and i died.

Next stop is the U.K brand TOPMAN. There's no doubt that this brand is just trendy and dapper at the same time. The fit of clothes are just right for Asian guys like us. So I went around and checked out this floral printed baseball shirt and some really cool hats fit for summer.

Then I also checked out COTTON ON. This brand is just affordable and budget friendly. Perfect for STUDENTS who would want to dress their way up to SUCCESS. Anyways the sad news is that I only found these shorts cool and nothing else.(for men at least..)

There's this shop called H.E for MANGO that I checked out. They have more matured Items in their shops. The price is a little too much as well (if you are on a budget) but I could definitely tell that their goods are done with quality. So I checked them out and found this nice colored blazer which is perfect for school or for work.. or a picnic on a sunny day perhaps? and not to mention these adorable espadrilles. 

Then let's go local with a few of my favorites. First stop is OXYGEN. This brand just keeps pushing them selves to the edge with their high fashion ensembles and pieces. My favorite was this Aztec printed bag. It is just so cool. Definitely perfect for that beach outing plan of yours this SUMMER.

Next one is BENCH. I have to be honest (I love bench..) but their clothes do need a little tweaking here and there.. however the underwear designs of Bench in undeniably good and affordable. So I found some cool floral printed bags instead perfect for SUMMER classes!
 and I found some cool shoes too that you guys could use for school as well..It may not be beach friendly but i think it would look good on (bright colored) shorts too.


Then I visited PENSHOPPE as well. They normally would have good quality of long sleeved polos and jackets (that I would normally look for..) however sadly I only found some cute beach shorts that are affordable.

So this SUMMER just make sure that you guys find the right fit and a piece that fits your budget. Just buy something that is needed and necessary. Lastly just find the right amount of prints will you please? haha.. so that's it for now!

Enjoy SHOPPING Stalkers!

All photographs were taken with my phone and are only for blogging purposes.  

Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Marso 16, 2014

Look Who's STALK'n For On Our Second Issue This 2014..

It certainly has been the craziest start of the year for me..
There's just a lot of things going on..
but to tell you guys honestly? CRAZY is something GREAT for me.
I'm really really getting used to all the workload that I have.. 
may It be work or something that I am working on for STALK.

Anyways enough about me. 
I am writing today since we are releasing the teaser of our second issue this 2014..
we have the very talented designer / blogger "YAPO" in the house.
We had this amazing shoot somewhere in Alabang.. 
and the place was just amazing! Too bad the sun was just soo harsh that day that it refrained us from shooting all over the place.
I just love shooting outdoors. The SUNLIGHT is just my best friend.

So here is the teaser for our latest shoot.

Have FUN reading STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo 

Lunes, Marso 10, 2014

What I WORE: “Let SUMMER begin”

                Everyone is just so excited about SUMMER.. and yes it is almost here! So the question is how do we prepare for it? Well let’s start with this “WHAT I WORE” feature that’s SUMMER inspired.
                Last week I had a friend who invited me to a party for GARAGE magazine which was themed “ALOHA COOL” – the excited me got all crazy and tried to go to the mall after gym (which was after my graveyard shift) to look around and buy something to wear for the occasion. I checked out a most of the boutiques for men in that certain mall which I won’t mention (Alabang Town Center.. lol) and I found some stuff however it was out of my budget (If you know how I shop you’d know that I am a bargain hunter.. in short “KURIPOT” haha). So we ended up buying two items – light colored pants (since I seriously need a new one) from “HUMAN”. I just can’t believe how the fit was just perfect and yet the price was very affordable. Then to put some “ALOHA COOL” flavor I bought this long sleeved polo from “MINT” – It’s still minimal something that I could use or mix n’ match. I just like the coconut tree print that’s all.                     Anyways so after spending the whole day looking for clothes to wear I've decided to take a quick nap at home then unfortunately the worst thing happened -- I woke up at 11:30pm and I ended up missing the party -- Too bad.. haha. So I just wore the whole thing yesterday to church.

                So for the whole look I used some of my old stuff from my closet to complete the whole look – like the turquoise blue espadrilles that I bought from “H&M” in Singapore last year and those cool metallic blue glasses from “FLY EYEWEAR”. Lastly I accessorized them with a white wrist watch for that fresh cool vibe.

                Again a couple of reminders – the whole look works because I did not use print over print and I made sure that If I’m using a bold color like the turquoise blue shoes and glasses then the rest of the colors should be neutral so that the color would pop out . As I always say dress up as how you want to be and as how you want to present yourself in public.

Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Marso 6, 2014

A Stalker’s Blog: "How Charity Work Made Me Humble"

“To whom MUCH is GIVEN, MUCH is expected to be given in RETURN.”

I heard this quote from a very famous local morning talk show that I won’t name (KrisTV.. haha).  I felt the same sentiment last week during our visit on a home for the aged here in Cavite. It was my friends’ birthday celebration that day and she felt like she wanted to do another charity work this year to “GIVE BACK” and I felt more than happy to join her. So that Sunday after church we’ve decided to go there right away so that we could start feeding the elders and to show some TLC (Tender Loving Care). On our way I felt some discomfort since I know how I would become emotional when I see old grandmothers with such helpless situation. I could imagine the unbearable situation with my own grandma and it just makes me feel bad. This is when I realize that it is really better to give than to receive. Then after a while we have finally reached our destination. 

Then we finally saw the elders ready for a Sunday mass. As the mass was happening I was observing the whole vicinity. It was not that big and neither was small. It was just right for less than fifty elders residing there. I just noticed how the place was clean however you’d see that it already needs some painting work to make the place look more lively.

Then after the very enlightening mass we started serving lunch for the elders and the staff of that said place. Then all of a sudden I remembered last year’s charity work that we've done as our Christmas party.. I've reacted differently towards my friend (the same one who's celebrating this birthday charity..) she was feeding the kids like they don’t know how to eat. I don't know why but I did feel that it was just silly.. not until I saw how that kid looked at her. That kid felt LOVED not just from the food that she gave but on the act of “FEEDING”. That's when I realized why It is called a "FEEDING PROGRAM"-- you don't feed them just by giving them good food.. you really have to FEED them and show them LOVE. Too bad I can't do that this time since they have staff who know the whole "how to"-- So I hope that by smiling and by greeting them while giving them their food and drinks.. I was able to show them that they are LOVED.

That’s why I am just thankful that GOD gave me a set of friends who CARES about the welfare of other people. I guess that’s the main reason why GOD blesses us so much.. It’s because he knows that at the end of the day these people whom he blesses will bless others in RETURN. 

                     Anyways It was an epic fail for our group since we forgot to plan way ahead for any fun program or activity for them but I knew that God plans things way ahead of us.. and he knew that we we’re not there to bless them but we we’re there because they will bless us instead.. and It is true they all prepared something for us. We we’re just amused and amazed on how energetic they are whenever people would visit them.

This is when the grandma's started strutting their stuff on the dance floor.
                They started singing their hearts out and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.. and the happiness that it brought us was just priceless. 

The birthday girl started dancing with the elders
Even my lil sister can't help groovin on the dance floor.
The kids of some of the staff of "Tahanan ni Maria" with their dance number.
The highlight of the whole event. 
Our very Jolly cover boy cant help but smile with glee.

             Charities are great ways to help and feel God's amazing blessings for us. Through this I felt that there's so much more to accomplish in LIFE because there's so much more people that needs our help. So my challenge for you guys is to help create change in your own little ways by doing charity work every now and then. You don't need to be rich to help others.. all you need is a rich heart and I'm sure God will bless you even more than you could possibly think.

We just want to say thank you Dada for this very memorable event. Happy Happy birthday! 

Have fun reading STALKERS!

photograped by Louie Ray Faundo

All photographs are restricted for blog purposes only and is restricted for all other uses.