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Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014



It’s the time of the year again where we all MOVE ON. Students would start the next chapter of their LIVES. Either go to grade school, high school, college.. Or start to working. 

A couple of years ago when I was still in college I never expected that I would STOP studying because I needed to work already to help my sister out financially for her studies. So I never felt the urge to go back and take that one last subject which was “RIZAL”. Until that SUMMER of 2012 came where I knew that I am already ready to go back and finish what I started.. and luckily I did! Haha..

I just enjoyed being a student again that summer and I just knew that I had to give it my all. Because at the end of the day that paper (diploma) is just not a paper.. It is my vehicle to a greater career path.. It is my achievement. It is something that no one can steal from me. It will help me reach greater heights so that I could GIVE BACK to the community and probably help CREATE something that could make that CHANGE. That CHANGE that I want to see in the WORLD.    

So that same year I started STALK; an online magazine where I could express myself and work on all the things that I believe in. A magazine where I could create art and collaborate with budding artists and help them through write up’s and cover shoots.

So for our 2nd issue this year.. I would want you guys to get to know “YAPO” she’s a BLOGGER / DESIGNER (and also OS accessories’ latest muse) whom I met last year during one of my contributing gigs for STATUS magazine. We’ll find out more on what inspired her to pursue the dark side of being a GOTH. We also have “WHAT I WORE” and it’s about weddings (I have two friends who are getting married by end of the month) so expect more summer and dapper on our latest issue. We also have make-up tips for our female readers by our resident make-up artist Kimberly Aguirre.

I just can’t wait to SHARE all these good stuff..

But for now just ENJOY our latest cover guys!


Louie Ray Faundo

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