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Sabado, Marso 22, 2014

The Cover That Didn't Make It: "Un-YAPO-logetic"

A magazine "COVER" is the selling point of a magazine.

That is why I cant blame editors for sometimes going too far with "PHOTOSHOP" since people wont really care with what's on the the inside not unless you're a big fan of the mag or the celeb on the cover. Well I'm not writing this to talk about Photoshop "ETHICS". haha!

I'd just like to share this alternate cover of STALK's latest issue with blogger of and designer "YAPO" -- we just cant get enough of you. 

Stalk's signature cover is usually a portrait shot. Something that focuses on the eyes of our cover model. There's just something captivating with a photograph with such eyes that speaks to you (not literally.. because that would be crazy! haha..) It is just BEAUTIFUL.

So here it is that alternate cover of UNYAPOLOGETIC.

Enjoy reading STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo

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