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Linggo, Marso 30, 2014

What I WORE: “Maroon Five Challenge”

I recently got a wedding invite from a good friend of mine..

It was my Dubai based DJ (previously from LoveRadio) “Phine” a.k.a. “Maria Maldita”..

And to my surprise the wedding invite says that we can’t wear anything that’s not part of the “ROYGBIV”

R(ed), O(range), Y(ellow), G(reen), B(lue), I(indigo), V(iolet)

Whaaat??? No BLACK, GREY, WHITE, BROWN or NUDE colors??

Sorry but I just can’t imagine going to a wedding in a rainbow colored outfit.

You see.. looking GREAT in a wedding (for me..) is a must!


You’d be photographed most likely..

You’d be a party pooper if you won’t say yes to a photograph..

it will be around social media..


and worst printed as a memorabilia that will be there for a long period of time. That is why it is very important that I’d present myself well during such events.      

So I was thinking of what I would wear since I have two existing colored pants from my last trip to Bangkok. It was either navy “BLUE” or “RED” velvet. However I felt like most guys would be wearing blue and I’d like to challenge myself this time.. So I chose RED. Then I had to look for a red coat (in the same HUE) to match the pants.. and yes I found one from a cheap boutique called “MOGAO”.

I learnt about it from a good friend of mine from Guam who often visits the country and is fond of looking for great finds here. I got the coat for only P699! Yeah.. you guys read it correctly. I got a cheap coat with a great fit and material.

So for this issue I’ll show you guys FIVE ways of mix matching your stuff with this cool find of mine.

For the first look I chose to pair the coat with a printed white shirt (Uniqlo) + Navy blue pants (Bangkok) + Brown Suede boots (Bangkok) –

I would want the look to remain “CLASSY” and a little “TRENDY” at the same time without going over the top. You guys may opt to wear this around the mall, when you feel like going to a movie date or lunch out with friends or even a casual dinner date with the one you love. I think this look can be worn in your school (especially when the rooms are air-conditioned..haha). For me I chose to wear this last Sunday on my weekly meeting with God at #TheFeast .. I just want to look extra special for that special guy up there who makes me feel loved.

So there you go guys with my first of the five looks for this issue. I’ll be posting the rest at least every week to inspire you guys to dress up.

Have fun reading STALKERS!


Louie Ray Faundo

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