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Martes, Hulyo 31, 2012

Lost in the parking lot

 Here's one shoot that I had early this year -- we were suppose to shoot in Fort Santiago but due to a storm we had to change location and ended up in a parking lot of a famous mall in Manila -- Here are the shots 

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Photographs Louie Faundo
Model Dexter Duhaylungsod
Lights Jolly Bilangdal I

Lunes, Hulyo 30, 2012

Saw then Share: Rachel Weisz on the Bourne Premiere

The Bourne Legacy (which was partly shot in the country) which will be shown this August in the Philippines had their premiere in New York with the whole cast – but she surely stood out! – Rachel Weisz (real life Mrs. Bond) wore this stunning black strapless dress which was incredibly gorgeous on her – The 42y.o actress showed that age is just a number and that real life begins at 40 – 

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Saw then Share: Katy Perry in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for her movie “Part of Me”

Despite the recent split that she had gone through Katy Perry moved on slowly by having her own documentary movie “Katy Perry: Part of me” – She attended the photo call in Rio de Janeiro wearing this mustard cleavage bearing cut-away dress paired with that crucifix ring and red velvet heels – 

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STALKER BLOG: The Healing (Movie)

-- Ive been blogging about Filipino films since day one of STALKER
Online Mag -- which aimed to promote the local film industry -- this is my one act for the country -- anyway I've seen the movie "The healing" yesterday with a bunch of my friends in Ortigas -- I was actually very excited to see the film when I found out that It was graded "A" by the cinema evaluation board --It just uplifts my spirit whenever a local film gets this rating -- because I know that more and more people will be encouraged to see local films and in return the industry can produce more films that we could be proud of --
-- The movie was actually available in R13 and R18 due to brutal and bloody scenes that had to be restricted for the young ones --
--The movie which starred Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu was about religion, faith and what people would do just to survive --
--The director of the said movie Chito Roño (Feng Shui, T2 etc) did
an amazing job on creating each scene as realistic as possible --
the approach of the film was realisticly scary -- realistic in the sense of being "ILL" and hopeless -- then with the final destination / feng shui death scenes this movie will surely keep you on the edge of your seats --
--watch out for the hella scary poppin eye of those doppel gangers
Im sure that this movie is worth your time and money --
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Cover Wars: (Local) Sam Milby for Garage Magazine Aug 2012 issue

Sam Milby is on the cover Garage Magazine for their 4th Anniversary Issue out this Aug 2012 --

Cover Wars: (Local) Angelica Panganiban on Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines

Newly single Angelica Panganiban graces the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2012 issue --

Miyerkules, Hulyo 25, 2012

Saw then Share: Blazers are for girls too

Ive blogged last week regarding Blazers/ Jackets etc for the rainy season – but I just love how men’s style can also be for girls – here’s a look from Jessica Biel who fresh from a vacation with fiancée Justin Timberlake – wearin that green pants paired with white top, blue blazer and leopard print shoes – 

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Saw then Share: Demi Moore finally moving On

We have seen Ashton a couple of times on the news out with Mila Kunis (Black Swan & Friends with Benefits) – but this time Demi Moore at 49 dates a New Zealand star Martin Henderson (The Ring) – Demi was seen out on a romantic break with this new guy in Connecticut – 

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Saw then Share: Kate Beckinsale in that little white dress

We normally see hot celebs wearing the “LBD” or the little black dress ----but this time Kate shows us that white is HOT! – The actress was spotted in L.A wearing that simple body hugging white dress paired with that green shoes – The 39y.o actress who was famous from her role in “Underworld Saga” showed that age is just a number –

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