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Huwebes, Hulyo 5, 2012

"La DOLLce Vita"

On the morning of March 29th 2012.. I was rushing to meet a friend of mine back in my early years of school -- She is Carren Baloloy my model for that day -- that particular shoot was actually in my mind for a couple of years now -- I was just waiting for the right person and the right concept -- and who knew it would be her -- a couple of weeks back she sent me a message inquiring for a photo-shoot and asking for how much (I was like-- are you kidding me?) so i told her its for free and this collaboration would be perfect for my FOLIO as well -- I met her that morning and I was stunned -- brown hair, killer smile and those eyes -- she reminded me somehow of Rhiann Ramos/ Emma Stone and Anna Sophia Robb (whom i blogged about her playing the role of sarah jessica parker for sex and the city prequel) -- then I said to myself -- this shoot will be remarkable -- Then it happened -- We we're on set and she showed me her entire wardrobe -- all these shoes, clothes, jewelries and make-up --I told myself this young girl turned out to be a fine young lady-- Carren had a blog that was all about make- up (which she encouraged me to do) -- One thing she didn't liked about it was the pressure of posting something interesting daily (which is pretty much a hard thing to do) -- everything she said during our chit chat made perfect sense -- then she started telling me stories about her bangkok trip wherein she shopped for items she sold online in her multiply site -- whats actually surprising is that she can turn ukay stuff into a million bucks -- she likes a lot of vintage stuff she even showed me her grandmother's dress which looks entirely now (which i hope to shoot in the future) -- then a vintage micro polka dot dress which was a gift from a friend -- The shoot for this editorial was actually her idea -- A living doll themed shoot -- which very much suits her look and her skin -- One thing that surprised me is that she isn't the conventional high maintenance chic who only cares about what she looks like and knows nothing -- she does read books (one book in particular is the Alchemist) in which she expounded what that book was all about-- One good characteristic that she has is her hunger to learn more -- she carefully studies her art (which is make-up) going through her photos you will see how she perfects every look -- a week before this shoot she practiced and sent me if the look was already ok -- and it was perfect! didnt I mention that she also sings very well -- she prefers jazzy music just like sitti's and princess'-- her character and energy just pierces through and leaves a very positive mark every person she meets -- theres just so much more of her aside from her exquisite looks -- truly this girl will go a long way -- FIN

Photographs / styling LOUIE FAUNDO
model / make-up CARREN BALOLOY 

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