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Linggo, Hulyo 15, 2012

My Bangkok Experience Day03

Hoping that it was our last day in Bangkok we woke up early for breakfast in McDonalds. I actually felt at home by seeing McDonalds however we were surprised that they don’t serve “RICE”. I never knew any Filipino who never ate rice in the Philippines. Instead they have porridge in chicken and pork.  So yeah we ate it without rice but then to top it off they don’t have “GRAVY” as well (come on?!). Instead they have this chilli sauce which was good however I’m just not used to it. If you know me very well I’m the type of person who is awkward with such big changes. I cling a lot with things that I’m used to do – eat – watch – etc. So being in Thailand was really “BIG” for me. 
                                                                                 McD Chicken Porridge

After our big breakfast we walked back to our hotel to pack our stuff and be ready for our flight by 04:00pm (Thailand time). 

Here are some photographs that I took on our way back to the hotel.

Then right after packing and prepping up we’ve decided to do have lunch and some last minute shopping in the Platinum mall. Here’s how the Bangkok road looks like in the morning.

Bangkok in the morning
Here’s what we ate for lunch. Since I love chicken I’ve decided to order chicken curry then Jolly ordered deep fried pork and fried rice and that amazing “Yakisoba”. Then ice cream for dessert. I think this is Selecta ice cream but it says on the logo “Wall’s”. 

Deep Fried Pork w/ fried rice

Chicken Curry


Ice cream

After shopping around it’s finally time to come home. On the way back to the hotel I saw a lot of things that are similar to what we have on the streets of the Philippines.


Ordinary Bus

Then while waiting for our pick-up van to the airport, we did took some goofy shots. 


And as we were about to ride the van there were some problems so they had us ride a cab instead.

On the way to the airport I’ve noticed how good the paved roads are on the city of Bangkok. I thought to myself that If only our country would put TOURISM as priority and fix our airport then the roads then more tourists would come. As a result better economy and more jobs then that’s the time where we could put more budget on education. 

Thailand's road to their airport

The unexpected event that changed our whole experience in Thailand, CANCELLED FLIGHT! According to the Thai ground steward there was a technical problem in the airport back in Clark Pampanga and they would have to give us free hotel accommodation for one night before our re-scheduled flight back to the Philippines. I was a little nervous since it was my first time to fly and an incident like this happens. 

Dont fly SEAIR

Then we rushed to the hotel nearby thru a bus ride that was provided by the airline. And to our surprise the hotel was SUPERB! We checked in Miracle Grand Convention Hotel --

Here's a peek inside..


Then while we were getting ready to have our buffet dinner we’ve decided to dress up for the occasion and enjoy our hotel and our extra day in Bangkok. (Check What I wore day 03)

Here’s a self portrait of mine enjoying that nice mirror light inside the hotel bathroom. 

Dinner Buffet @ the Hotel

Milk Tea
We were supposed to go back to our room and enjoy the night with some snooze but then we bumped into a couple of our co-Filipino passengers (Hazel, Migz and the other guy) who asked us to go out with them for the night. We were a little hesitant at first (come on.. movies like Turistas and Hostel?? Who wouldn’t get scared?). Then we took two cabs and went all the way to “NANA” to drink the night away. Everything was supposed to be great but the taxi driver was actually over charging us. It started with 35baht then every like 5 sec it adds 2baht, so in 45mins of driving around we were charged almost 300baht. Then only to find out that the other group had like 450baht charge (come on?).  But anyways we had fun and met some fellow Filipinos who were waiters in a drinking place where we stayed for the night. 

With the help of Filipino waiters we ordered buckets of beer and Nachos..

Then we checked this club called "INSOMNIA" -- 

And we headed back to our hotel at around 02:30 in the morning and had a better experience with a nicer taxi driver, though he also asked 300baht as fare. That’s pretty much how everything was on our 03rd day in Bangkok. Watch out for day 04, 05 and 06.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog! Have a great day ahead STALKERS! 

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