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Linggo, Hulyo 8, 2012

My Bangkok Experience Day01

It was early Friday (06/29/12) when we drove all the way to Clark Pampanga Philippines to catch our plane on the way to Bangkok -- I did'nt exactly know what to feel at that time since I didnt really know what to expect -- but i never expected that theres a series of unfortunate events that will come our way -- First was being caught by a traffic enforcer on Clark Pampanga due to some violations -- then not expecting that we had to pay too much fees on our way to the airport -- It was just soo strssful at first -- I was just really happy that I am in the company of good people who would not let my trip go to the extreme "WORST" --

with Jolly Bilangdal on the way to the airport
our very own Clark Airport
(top) Here's a photo of how our Clark Airport looks like -- Its just disappointing that they had all the passengers stuck on another part of the airport which does not look good at all (esp. for tourists) tsk tsk tsk.. – 

When the plane took off the view from the plane window was just amazing -- I couldn’t contain my happiness (thought I’m a little nervous) – 
on the way to Thailand
Thailand Airport
A look at Thailand's Airport

After 2-3 hrs of plane travel until we've reached the Thailand's airport landed, everything started to turn "GREAT!" -- Thailand's airport was huge – Though I have not been inside our very own NAIA terminal 1,2 and 3 -- but definitely this Airport is world class --   

First Hotel - Main Wing Bangkok
I had to admit that travelling from the airport to our hotel in main wing Bangkok was just like the movie “TURISTA” and “HOSTEL” – it was crazy! – most people there don’t know how to speak the English language – not unlike us Filipinos (proud face) – Then We’ve reached “First Hotel” for our check in --        

Sprite in Thai Language
Finding a familiar food was a tough job – so that “PANSIT” looking food and that “Green Curry” was our choice (more of we have no choice) – though that green curry food was super spicy we still enjoyed the food –  

Green Curry

Then it’s time for dinner – we really didn’t do any research on where we are and where to go – so finding a dinner place was such a work – so the nearest place that I saw was this small local restaurant – I just figured that it might be good since there where Americans dining that time – 
Pansit like Thai food that we ordered on our first night in Bangkok
After our dinner we walked around and got surprised to find a McDonalds on the same street of our hotel – so we bought chocolate sundae for our dessert – 
McDonald's Shibuya

Then as we were in search for a night market we found this guy who’s selling some pretty good long sleeved polo’s for a pretty cheap price – He’s name was “Zin” a native of Thailand – and that’s pretty much how we’ve ended our first night in Bangkok – 


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