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Sabado, Pebrero 22, 2014


Editor's Note:

"The long wait is over!"

                  Hi Stalkers! It has been a while since our last issue came out last year with model "John Louie" in that racy year ender cover (and oh boy it was a blast!) -- Now marks a new beginning for our mag as we try and raise the bars higher with our upcoming cover shoots and features.. Anything that we could share for all our dear STALKERS. You might have noticed how "What I WORE" spot has improved and how our headquarters on blogger has been back on the radar. 
                The past year has been amazing for me as some of my dreams already came true. One of these were my photography contribution with "STATUS" magazine and how we (STALK) have been trying to surpass most of our past achievements.. and ofcourse how would I forget the first time I've judged a high school fashion show in Colegio San Agustin (Makati) --Truly I have been very blessed and that's why we've opened up STALK this year to contributors / models / photographers and writers.. just so they would have a venue to expose their God given gifts. We believe in the saying that "To whom much is given, much is expected to be given back in return". 
                   Anyway this month marks our first issue for 2014 (now on our 3rd Volume!) -- I have been always inspired by how fashion and romance is just celebrated every month of February. Love is just felt everywhere and everyone seems to look much of a dapper gentlemen.. and that's our focus for our issue "PROM NIGHT" with our model Jolly Bilangdal I -- who has been one of the pioneer models of STALK. He has graced the cover twice (this is his 3rd.. first was Dapper and Promance) and this is his first solo cover. So here it is our latest cover shoot for 2014.

Model Jolly Bilangdal I
Photographed by Louie Ray Faundo
Special Thanks to our shoot assistants Kimberly Aguirre and Lovely Rae Faundo

Enjoy reading STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief 
Louie Ray Faundo

Biyernes, Pebrero 21, 2014

What I WORE: Boots Scootin Baby


It's that time of the week again where I share fashion tips for my readers. This week's look is just simple since I just want to showcase this newly bought boots of mine from "TRODS". Im just really fascinated that I got these for less than a thousand pesos (actually it's P999) this past weekend from a mall in Alabang. I'm the type of guy who loves buying clothes but I'm not the type who would splurge. Im just really proud that Im a good hunter on "ON SALE" pieces with good quality. 
So I've decided to wear something monochromatic (all items in one hue/color) from top to trousers for this look so that I could show off this amazing "BOOTS" inspired by Mr. Bieber haha. -- anyway for the top I wore this old piece of mine which is my functional "DENIM" coat and paired it with a dark blue tank and my very functional chinos (OXYGEN) and a grey bag to match my new shoes. Just accessorized them with my usual eyewear and a classic brown watch.
Just as usual I make sure that my whole look is not all over the place by not having too much prints or color. Lastly don't forget to buy something that has both good quality and something that you could mix and match with most of your outfits.


Photographs by Lovely Rae Faundo

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Pebrero 16, 2014

Look Who's STALK'n For Our First Issue For 2014


                       I am just excited for our first issue for our third volume this year with our resident model Jolly Bilangdal for our Prom + Dapper issue. He has been on our cover thrice (Dapper and Promance) but this one is his first solo cover. 
                       We'll aim to show you guys how "STYLE" can actually change your LIFE. Anyway here's the teaser of our first issue.

Have fun browsing STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo 

Martes, Pebrero 11, 2014

What I WORE: "Pico De Loro Adventure"

                          It was my first time to hike up a mountain this past weekend and it was just life changing.. To be able to exceed your body's capacity to endure pain and enjoy at the same time? it's just makes you feel fulfilled.. makes you feel you can you can do more.
                         So anyway It was hard to be fashionable when you have to make sure that you should also be very comfortable during the climb itself. Here's a few reminders..

  • Clothing Material - It should either be "JERSEY", "SPANDEX", "DRY FIT" or "LYCRA" so that it is easier for your clothing to dry in any kind of weather.  May It be raining (it will dry fast), sunny (when you sweat?), windy it also provides warmth (especially at night time) and lastly it is just easy to carry around.
  • Tank Tops / Plain Shirts they do come in handy during hiking (and also look great on photos) plus its just really comfy.
  • Find A Comfortable and stable shoes to use. Since most of the time the road ahead is just way slippery.
  • Look fora good pair of SHADES to protect your eyes from harmful U.V Rays
  • Bring a neutral toned cap to protect your head from the sun.
  • Meggings (Men's Leggings) would surely protect your legs from mosquito bites and a lot more. Just make sure that you don't forget to wear shorts on top of it.
  • Comfy Socks.
So Here's what I wore from my closet. These are all old purchases except from the leggings.

So I hope you guys learned something from me today STALKERS! 

Linggo, Pebrero 9, 2014


It was my first time to hike this past weekend at the famous “Pico De Loro” with some of my friends. Never really thought of what’s to come but I guess since everyone thought that I might have a hard time finishing it then I took the challenge.  We all started to meet up at around 8:00am (but we we’re late due to some errands that i had to finish.. haha) so we left at around 9:00am at Pala-Pala (in Cavite). We stopped at a market somewhere along the way to buy important stuff (and I bought an sd card for my cam since I forgot mine at home) Then an hour or two later we finally got there and started our crazy.. happy journey all the way to the peek of the mountain.

                        So as we started walking at the bottom of the mountain. My “GOAL” was just to see what’s up there (just like everyone). The thought of hiking sounded EASY for me, just like strolling at the beach (just a longer version of it perhaps). As we started it was all FUN.. FUN.. FUN. We we’re joking around and getting to know each other. Everything looks amusing at first glance.. the veins of each tree.. the huge boulders everywhere.. the sky and all. You just feel blessed that GOD gave us all these amazing wonders that we should treasure.
                        Then we had to stop over a couple of times (just a breather) and every stop’s scenery was just breath taking. Until we reached the first temporary stop over so we could prep up for lunch. The good thing with that stop over is that they had a store with cold drinks, food and a lot of water for cooking.. drinking and all. We had a sumptuous lunch with the rest of the crew – It was rice + Ensalada + Fried Galunggong (and it was just amazing eating in a boodle fight style). Then we had to get ready since we we’re given a heads up that we were just near a quarter of the whole trip (and yeah It is true). We we’re walking.. and walking and walking until we have reached the part that I call “The Never Ending Stairway To Success”. This part of the climb was just the most gruelling of it.. each step was just getting HARDER and HARDER. Maybe It was because of the “TIREDNESS” and the fact that we have so much baggage with us.

                        It was like a TEST of FAITH and CHARACTER. Climbing up the whole way up is just not preparedness.. It includes your “MOTIVATION” of “WHY” you would want to REACH the TOP. Some would just want to go with the flow however that only gives you “LESS Fulfilment”. Some would STRIVE because of their “COMPETITIVENESS” to get ahead of the rest but that way of climb would lead you to being “LONELY” on TOP.
                        If you would ask me what my “MOTIVATION” was? It’s to get up there and “inspire people to GET UP on their TOES and tell them how lovely it is up there” and because of this mindset I climbed all the way up ahead of the whole group. On my way up I had to be careful of my steps since I don’t want to be “INJURED”.. (just like in real life) It is really important that you decide well and check the stability of each options (or steps) before you take that simple step or else you won’t be able to enjoy the whole experience on top since you are “BROKEN”. Have you ever met people on TOP who had a broken SOUL? Probably a boss of yours who never seems to appreciate things in life? Celebrities who just take everything for granted because they feel like it.. Not knowing that the people who look up to them do get affected by all their actions in life.
                        One more thing that helped me all throughout the climb was my conversations with GOD the whole time.. for him to give me enough “STRENGTH” to get there so that I could accomplish my GOAL.. for him to “PROTECT ME” from all evil that may make me FAIL my mission. It is TOUGH out there but every time I meet HAPPY people from the TOP.. It just makes feel BETTER. They make me want to “PUSH MYSELF” more.
I’ve also come to realize that there are branches that you could “HANG ON TO” whenever you feel “WEAK”.. just like how LIFE is. You meet people whom you could TRUST and rely on but you have to “BE CAREFUL” in choosing one because not everyone is there to help. You may think that it’s a strong branch but it may be a “SNAKE” ready to “BITE” and paralyze you.
“Don’t be AFRAID to TRUST.. but be CAREFUL whom to TRUST”
                        I remember while on my way up I met this kid (around 10y.o perhaps..) who was waiting for some of his friends. I was just amused by how strong he was.. walking fastly on his own. So I’ve decided to ask him if he knew the way around.
He replied “yes I have been here a lot of times”..
Since he looked like a kid of some local I trusted him. We walked around for quite some time but I cant just keep up with him. He is just fast. So I had to “STOP” him once in a while and SIT.. REST so I could push more. Then as we go by I realized that the road looks like it’s leading us somewhere else.
I got scared and asked him again. “Are you sure about this way?”
He replied and said. “Yes”
So I have decided to shout and check if my group is somewhere nearby.. and they we’re however it was just on a different direction from where I was heading. The crazy part was most of the road were blocked by braches and bamboos (I actually thought that this kid might take me to some crazy killer father and have me murdered.. haha).Then we met another kid who told us that we we’re on a wrong direction. So I just walked again until this kid walked way pass me again until he was nowhere in sight.. but I just pushed and shouted to check if my group was near me and I saw my sister ahead of me (and I got a little upset because I have worked so hard to be the first one to get there but they got ahead of me). I told my sister then about what had happened to me (she joked around that I may not be her brother that I maybe a doppelganger who pretends to be her brother).. then all of a sudden I started hearing chattering crowd and I just knew that I was there already there. All my hard work finally paid off.
I saw a couple of my group who welcomed me with all smiles on their faces telling me that “YOU’VE MADE IT”.

                        I just felt “PROUD” and “HAPPY” because of the sense of FULFILMENT that the experience gave me. I remember that saying “EAT your FROG for breakfast and nothing worst will ever come your way”. You just feel EMPOWERED right after.. like anything is possible when you put your mind and heart into it.

That’s it for now watch out for part 2 of my BLOG this week as I tell you how we’ve reached the real PEEK and the PEEK 2 of Pico De Loro.

Hope you’ve learned something today STALKERS!

Huwebes, Pebrero 6, 2014


                     Hi STALKERS it has been a crazy month for me.. trying to balance everything from the office to blogging and working on the next cover of STALK (which is still a work in progress). 
                     Since we are celebrating "LOVE" this month then it only means that the prom season has begun. Back in high school "PROM" has been very memorable occasion for me.. it was LIFE CHANGING. I was a late bloomer back then.. I guess it helped that I did not rush on "GROWING UP". I remember that I was still playing with action figured toys back in second year high school.. dressing up was not really my priority back then. Until my third year in high school.. things started to changed slowly.. I was becoming more conscious of how I look and how  people see me. I started "DIE-eting" - since I was overweight back in high school fitting in my clothes was such a challenge.. then PROM came and I won the title as the "PROM PRINCE".. I am still clueless up til this date on how was I able to get that title. All I can think of is that they might have seen the "TRANSFORMATION" of myself that night. So my goal this month is to "INSPIRE" most of my readers with ideas on what to wear to the big PROM NIGHT.
                   So here's the first IDEA.. I'm wearing my most worn item in my closet which is this "GREY COAT" (Penshoppe) which I think is just basic for men's clothing for PROM. I paired it with this black pull overs (ZARA) and plain black trousers (Bangkok) and these BROGUES from SM Department store. This look is perfect for boys who is on the "CHUBBY" side. The all black top and bottom just creates that slim and taller figure and the neutral toned coat just adds a kick to the whole look. I used a brown belt that matches this BROGUES (SM Department Store) and lastly to complete the  whole look accessorize with a neutral toned watch and you've got yourself a dapper look for prom. 

I'll be posting more looks for the next weeks to come.
Thanks to my lil sis Lovely Faundo for these shots.

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo