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Huwebes, Pebrero 6, 2014


                     Hi STALKERS it has been a crazy month for me.. trying to balance everything from the office to blogging and working on the next cover of STALK (which is still a work in progress). 
                     Since we are celebrating "LOVE" this month then it only means that the prom season has begun. Back in high school "PROM" has been very memorable occasion for me.. it was LIFE CHANGING. I was a late bloomer back then.. I guess it helped that I did not rush on "GROWING UP". I remember that I was still playing with action figured toys back in second year high school.. dressing up was not really my priority back then. Until my third year in high school.. things started to changed slowly.. I was becoming more conscious of how I look and how  people see me. I started "DIE-eting" - since I was overweight back in high school fitting in my clothes was such a challenge.. then PROM came and I won the title as the "PROM PRINCE".. I am still clueless up til this date on how was I able to get that title. All I can think of is that they might have seen the "TRANSFORMATION" of myself that night. So my goal this month is to "INSPIRE" most of my readers with ideas on what to wear to the big PROM NIGHT.
                   So here's the first IDEA.. I'm wearing my most worn item in my closet which is this "GREY COAT" (Penshoppe) which I think is just basic for men's clothing for PROM. I paired it with this black pull overs (ZARA) and plain black trousers (Bangkok) and these BROGUES from SM Department store. This look is perfect for boys who is on the "CHUBBY" side. The all black top and bottom just creates that slim and taller figure and the neutral toned coat just adds a kick to the whole look. I used a brown belt that matches this BROGUES (SM Department Store) and lastly to complete the  whole look accessorize with a neutral toned watch and you've got yourself a dapper look for prom. 

I'll be posting more looks for the next weeks to come.
Thanks to my lil sis Lovely Faundo for these shots.

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

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