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Huwebes, Oktubre 29, 2015


“What got you here.. Won’t get you there.”

Is the title of the book that a man beside me was reading during our flight to Tokyo, Japan..
Ok. Well most of you may feel that I’m Mr. BIGTIME..
But I am telling you that -  it is NOT TRUE at all.
This was made possible by our HARD WORK for at least 2 years..
Making ends meet (pagkukuripot in our local language haha!)
PRIORITIZING when to spend and when to HOLD BACK (stop shopping)..
And also because of our dear FRIENDS who helped us make this trip POSSIBLE.

It was not like an OVERNIGHT WIN at a LOTTERY..
Or that scenario when a kid won that GOLDEN TICKET to see WILLY WONKA and his CHOCOLATE FACTORY..
Let me remind you folks that GREAT THINGS take TIME.
Just like how I’ve been managing STALK..

That book that the man was reading helped me realize a lot of things..
one is that what got us here on our 3rd year won’t get us to the NEXT LEVEL..
And that If I would give LAME EXCUSES not to work on my shoots won’t get this magazine far from point A to point B..
So I had to immediately start shooting after 5months of being too busy with LIFE..
LIFE will always HAPPEN..
It is always our CHOICE -- if we would like to STOP and DROWN or let it take us wherever it wants..
Or we could swim and FIGHT the TIDE to help us get from point B to C.
So for our fourth issue this year we have a new cover boy ALGIN JUSTINIANI..
An athlete from TRINITY COLLEGE who has managed to deal with SCHOOL and exel in the SPORTS that he chose which is BASKETBALL..
this is in line with our VISION as a magazine which is to INSPIRE kids out there through each and every issue that we release.
and please be advised that we have changed the STALK header for this issue..
this is inspired by a huge underwear line’s blog..
and we will get to know more of our coverboy and his STORY in this issue but for now here’s our much awaited cover entitled VARSITY BLUES..

we would greatly appreciate if you’d  let us know what you think by placing a comment below.

Have Fun Browsing STALKIES!

To GOD be the GLORY.


Louie Ray Faundo

Lunes, Oktubre 26, 2015

Look Who’s STALK’n On Our 4th Issue..

Looking for our cover models is not as easy as it seems..
They have got to possess that look that would fit the magazine..
Something that is worth STALKING!
Plus balancing WORK + RESPONSIBILITIES + and LIFE is just a lot of work..
But hey keep in mind that if you really want something then you have got to GIVE IT TIME..
So whenever we get the opportunity to shoot is just a huge blessing from GOD..
Anyway here’s a teaser from our latest shoot with our latest coverboy ALGIN JUSTINIANI..

Have fun browsing over the shots from the blog STALKERS!


Louie Ray Faundo