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Huwebes, Agosto 30, 2012

Saw then Share: Rosie Huntington launches her Vintage Lingerie line with Marks and Spencer --

Rosie (Transformers) launched her first ever lingerie line with partner line Marks and Spencer -- and yea you we're right -- she did model it! 

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COVER WARS: Preview Magazine puts the "IT" bloggers on the cover of their SEPT2012 issue --

Bloggers have been on the rise lately -- for both men and women -- we have Camille Co, Lauren Uy, Robbie Bercroft and a lot more -- truly the fashion industry is on its "PRIMETIME" -- 

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COVER WARS: Metro Magazine comes out with two covers with KC Concepcion on the cover and the first MEGA man "Jericho Rosales" for the month of SEPT2012

With the biggest fashion magazines coming out with their "MAN" issues -- truly the "MEN's" Fashion industry is getting bigger -- with more products for men -- clothing.. perfume.. shoes.. magazines and a lot more -- well thank God for all the options that we have now! 

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Martes, Agosto 28, 2012


"Floral Jeans" -- A-List celebrities have recently worn this new trend -- from Sophia Bush (one tree hill) -- Jessica Alba (Fantastic 4) -- Miranda Kerr (model) -- unleash the casual chic in you and pair em with your favorite flats + tank + glasses and you are ready to hit the streets!

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Cover Wars (Local) Izza Calzado graces the cover of Metro Magazine Sept2012

How do you know if a celebrity has been reaching their A-List Status? When they bag numerous magazine covers -- Izza Calzado as an example had a smooth jump from Kapuso (ch7) to Kapamily (ch2) -- from a successful Maalaala mo kaya episode -- to a primetime Soap and now a new cover from Metro Magazine -- shot in Barcelona Spain for their big fashion issue -- featuring pieces from spanish high street brands --

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Lunes, Agosto 27, 2012

COVER WARS: Emma Stone on the cover of Interview MAgazine US

She has been famous for her girl next door looks from the movies (crazy, stupid love/ spiderman/ Easy A) but this Emma shows up her bad girl side on the high fashion shoot of Interview Magazine --

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COVER WARS: KAty Perry graces the cover of L'Officiel Paris

She is one of the "IT" girls that we all adore -- and she has proven that with confidence any hair color could be worn by the modern woman -- This time Katy Perry graces the cover with her new hair color (Orange) for L'Officiel's latest magazine shoot -- 

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Linggo, Agosto 26, 2012


Photographs Louie Faundo
Model Daryl Brecio

I've been longing to do a shoot about "food + women" eversince it has gone wild with America's Next Top Model -- 
but I wanted to go with a different direction -- I wanted to show that women who are plus size are also considered "HOT" and "BEAUTIFUL" -- I guess being healthy -- and confident with what you have is whats important -- I am not saying that if you are obese is that you have to stay with it -- you gotta be healthy and at the same time be happy with what God gave you -- improve yourself instead of changing it -- If you work out and thats it -- as long as you dont complain about your thighs or arms -- then stay that way -- 


Be bold --

Be BIG --

I guess that the new "SEXY"

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Huwebes, Agosto 23, 2012

STALK MAGAZINE Aug2012 with cover girl Daryl Brecio


Hi STALKER's this month has been great for STALKER ONLINE MAG -- the blogsite has reached 700views in a month and a half -- and the magazine that I've started had its fourth successful cover already -- This month's definition of SEXY has been changed by our covergirl "Joyce Quezada" -- posing naked for the cover and revealing that being comfortable in your own skin is SEXY -- and PREGNANT WOMEN are SEXY! --

This month we have a surprize cover -- defining what sexy really is -- We have "Daryl Brecio" who went bold enought to help us see that plus size is sexy! -- and that big women are can also envibe the term "HOT" -- with the caption "The NEW SEXY -- Im proud to show you guys the second installment of this month's cover -- 

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF / Photographer
Louie Ray Faundo

DAryl Brecio

Lunes, Agosto 20, 2012

What I WORE: 7th HIGH Night Out

Ive been lookin for an a varsity jacket that will fit me without making me look bigger / bulky -- Well I found one in "BLUED" for less than a thousand (well its P999.00) -- then I paired it with a blue polo + neutral toned trousers and my favorite topsider from a brand in Thailand -- Here's my look for that weekend with my friends at 7th high (the fort) -- 

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Linggo, Agosto 19, 2012

Saw then Share: Michael Phelps could lose his medals over leaked Louis Vuitton Ad

             He is one of the most looked up olympian of all time -- Michael Phelps.. But due to a leaked photo of his Louis Vuitton Campaign on twitter -- he could lose 4gold and 2silver medals -- according to the rule book of the International Olympics Committee -- no athlete is able to participate in non olympic marketing during games and specified period afterwards -- too bad because this Ad is actually nice!

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Miyerkules, Agosto 15, 2012

Saw then Share: Its not cheap being KIM

Kim Kardashian (reality tv star) beauty doesnt come cheap -- the star reportedly spends 66,000 pounds a year in beauty treaments alone -- It includes a 24 carat gold facials -- tequila body scrubs and weekly eyelash appointments -- thats the reason why she has earned 15 million twitter followers -- whom she pampers with daily photos like these --

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Saw then Share: Miranda Kerr in David Jones

       Orlando Bloom's wife Miranda Kerr went back to her native country Australia for a fashion show for the new collection of David Jones -- and she is STUNNING in everything! 

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Saw then Share: Ashley Greene in MAlibu Beach

Ashley Greene 25y.o (Twilight Saga) has been hitting the gym more that often lately -- and she shows off the hard work in Malibu Beach during a paddle boarding session -- Im sure she will definitely add the fan's excitement in the upcoming twilight movie -- 

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SPOILER ALERT: Kate Hudson joins the latest season of GLEE

Fans are excited upon the guest starring role of "Kate Hudson" on the hit show GLEE -- Here's a teaser of the breath taking performance of Kate looking "all that jazz" -- Hudson will be playing Rachel Berry's (Lea Michelle) dance instructor and mentor at the NY Academt for dramatic arts -- 

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Saw then Share: dressed down Blake Lively

I always admire celebrities who can go away with a dress down look (or in Filipino - Labandera look) -- here's Blake Lively doing some shopping with a very casual outfit -- she wore that loose black top (with that printed sexy underwear showing) + skinny jeans and that black flat shoes -- she just stepped it up with that electric blue quilted bag -- 

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Saw then Share: Beckham Mania!

Who says age matters? Beckham proves that age is just a number as he poses for H&M's underwear Ad campaign -- Here's a teaser of that shoot -- 

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STALKER VERSUS: "The hot women of Total Recall movie"

The leading ladies of the upcoming movie "Total Recall" (Kate Beckinsale / Jessica Biel) went head to head on the premiere of the said movie in Dublin, Ireland -- Beckinsale wore floor-lenght crimson red satin gown -- while Biel wore a strapless gold knee-lenght satin dress at the said event -- Who looked her best? 

You decide STALKER! 

Saw then Share: Miley's new DO

Miley shocked fans as she cut her hair super short -- she tweeted five photos on twitter showing how she's rockin this new do -- 

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Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012



Photograph/ words by Louie Faundo
Model Joyce Quezada

Whenever we hear the word PREGNANCY -- it normally connotates a line of negative words that are associated with it -- IRRESPONSIBLE -- SLUT -- MISGUIDED and a lot more..

That is why STALK joins the battle to put positivity in the lives of many pregnant women -- Our aim is to make these women realize that "PREGNANCY" is "BEAUTIFUL" -- and that every married couple should plan it ahead and celebrate the creation of LIFE ashow it should be -- 

On this issue we have Joyce Quezada as our model -- she is due to give birth this month to a baby boy -- and what better way to celebrate her womanhood and venture to the world of motherhood by having a shoot -- So here are the shots!