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Miyerkules, Agosto 1, 2012



      Dapper means men who are "NEAT & CLEAN" Thats how I would describe our cover guy for the month of July/Aug Jolly Bilangdal I-- He has been my model since 2006 and since then we were able to build a strong portfolio -- and now that I've opened up my blogsite and have been writing for months now -- I think it is time for him to be on the cover of my online magazine 

This month's theme is "DAPPER" wherein I featured Jolly and the rest of my business partners for our upcomin clothing line (which we have no concrete brand name yet) -- these men have been the epitome of dapper for me -- real people with real inspiring stories -- Fashion that everyone can relate to -- and thats what we would want to share to everyone -- 

      Anyway I am very thankful for everyone who has been constantly reading my blogs -- and who has been constantly STALKIN! -- more of fun, Fashion and entertainment for everyone! 

I know that GARAGE MAG has their own DAPPER ISH for this month but I would like to share that I have been workin on this Issue since before we've been to Thailand -- So without any doubts Im pushing through with the Issue -- 

Have fun Reading STALKERS! 

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