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Miyerkules, Agosto 1, 2012

Photo Diary: "Ball of Lights"

        Many of you might not know that I started photography back in college with an old school manual SLR camera (which uses film) which is definitely good but expensive -- First is that you have to buy a film which normally costs around a 100-150 pesos then you have to have it developed and printed out which would sum up to 400-500pesos per 36shots -- pretty steep for someone who's not financially stable -- 

here's one of my shot using an SLR manual cam 

         Then my mom bought me a digital camera with 7megapixels as a start -- that's when I started to experiment in Fashion Photography" -- the problem with this is that It wont allow me to join group photo shoots with some of the newbies in that site where I started posting my online portfolio called "Multiply" -- but this didn't stop me from coming up with my own shoots for my portfolio -- I had to work hard just to make everything work --       

     Then just last year 2011 I was lucky enough to finally have that D-SLR camera (D-60, second hand) that a friend of mine used to own.  So immediately I started building my folio (called up my model friends) and start shooting. Luckily I had an officemate with a brother who does modelling - he was my first model for a photoshoot last year -- 

       The thing is with photography there would just be other things that you have to purchase to get a better shot (lens, filters, flash, lights etc.) which is just crazy. I am just so thrilled that now after a year and a half I was able to purchase a 50mm lens (which I know is cheap) from hard work and dedication to my craft -- 

        I feel like our passion should be like balls of light -- it may be small at times but should never run out of spark -- Things may not be easy but there's always a reason for everything and that all from the one above -- 

Have a great night STALKERS!

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