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Linggo, Agosto 12, 2012

STALK cover for August 2012: Enciente with Joyce Quezada


"Enceinte" is pregnant in french -- This month of august I think it's just timely to have a pregnant woman on the cover of "STALK magazine" to celebrate the every right women to be CONFIDENT and show the world that pregnant women are beautiful -- 

On this issue I have my H.S friend "Joyce Quezada" who's obviously pregnant and showing that baby bump on the cover -- looking oh so good with glow of happiness -- I think that pregnancy should be celebrated, planned and should be treated as a blessing and not a curse -

This is the start of my advocacy to change the way we think about "BEAUTY" -- and that LIFE is too short to live a day less happy!

Enjoy reading STALKERS! 

Editor-In-Chief / Photographer
Louie Faundo  

Joyce Quezada

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