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Linggo, Agosto 26, 2012


Photographs Louie Faundo
Model Daryl Brecio

I've been longing to do a shoot about "food + women" eversince it has gone wild with America's Next Top Model -- 
but I wanted to go with a different direction -- I wanted to show that women who are plus size are also considered "HOT" and "BEAUTIFUL" -- I guess being healthy -- and confident with what you have is whats important -- I am not saying that if you are obese is that you have to stay with it -- you gotta be healthy and at the same time be happy with what God gave you -- improve yourself instead of changing it -- If you work out and thats it -- as long as you dont complain about your thighs or arms -- then stay that way -- 


Be bold --

Be BIG --

I guess that the new "SEXY"

Live Life STALKERS! 

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