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Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012



Photograph/ words by Louie Faundo
Model Joyce Quezada

Whenever we hear the word PREGNANCY -- it normally connotates a line of negative words that are associated with it -- IRRESPONSIBLE -- SLUT -- MISGUIDED and a lot more..

That is why STALK joins the battle to put positivity in the lives of many pregnant women -- Our aim is to make these women realize that "PREGNANCY" is "BEAUTIFUL" -- and that every married couple should plan it ahead and celebrate the creation of LIFE ashow it should be -- 

On this issue we have Joyce Quezada as our model -- she is due to give birth this month to a baby boy -- and what better way to celebrate her womanhood and venture to the world of motherhood by having a shoot -- So here are the shots!


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