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Martes, Abril 5, 2016

4 Years Of STALK..



This was GOD’s message to me when I was too afraid to STEP OUT of my COMFORT ZONE a few years ago..
A comfort zone that was too scary to GIVE UP..
This is when I’ve realized that I can do more..
That your PAST won’t DICTATE your FUTURE..
That it’s never too late to START DREAMING..

When I started to realize that I am a child of GOD..
That’s when I started pushing myself to fulfill the great DESIRES of my heart..
That’s when STALK was BORN..
A labor of my DREAMS and FAITH in GOD..

“The only way to PREDICT the FUTURE is to CREATE it..”

Sometimes we have DEMONS in our head that would whisper that "WE CANNOT MAKE IT"..
and how all of our dreams are just crap and a waste of time and effort..
whenever I hear this at the back of my head..
I'd always remind myself of this quote..
which makes sense..
if you START doing it TODAY then it will directly impact your FUTURE..
same goes if you STOP..
I remember that first day of shooting the first issue with my bestfriend (Carren Baloloy) four years ago..
I was just FOOLISH..
and I guess that's the reason why SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are GREAT..
because they STAY HUNGRY for MORE..
so my ADVISE is to all you folks is to
“never.. never.. never.. GIVE UP”

STARTING the dream was not easy..
But keeping and coping with it CONSISTENTLY is TOUGHER..
Producing each issue was pure BLOOD and SWEAT..
And the greatest thing about it is that each issue became a LEARNING tool for me..
from the BAD FEEDBACK.. 
to the mess up's and delayed shoots..
but is was all FUN..
I remember shooting 21 models with 4 layouts for the amount of P3500..
just so that I could improve myself and get more connections..
I'd like to say that shooting regular people with extra ordinary beauty was more of a BLESSING to me than being a blessing to them..
Let me share a few unforgettable moments in the last four years..

  • I remember working for a magazine’s street style page as a contributor and seeing my work printed in a glossy magazine was just phenomenal..

  • I won’t forget being a judge on a fashion show for students in COLLEGIO DE SAN AGUSTIN Makati..

  • And lastly working with the PRO’s in the industry while studying in one of the best schools in the metro is just LIFE CHANGING..

After four years of IMPROVING my CRAFT and BRAND..
Finally I’d like to show you guys our 4th anniversary offering inspired by Kanye’s YEEZY..
I will talk about it further when the whole editorial is released..
So for now I hope you guys like the cover..

Photographer: Louie Ray Faundo (@stalklewis_06)
Stylist: Gelohix Rivera (@gelohix)
Make-Up Artist: Libby Gy Panaligan (@libbygy)
Model: Shane Homan (@shanemhoman)

Louie Ray Faundo