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Linggo, Setyembre 20, 2015

What I WORE: Into The Blue

First of all I want you folks to know that I am extremely happy that I was able to shoot another WHAT I WORE feature for the mag..
I have been dying to do this for a few months now but my weight seems to be getting in the way of things HAHA! 
So thank GOD that I was able to hit the gym and fix my diet (just a little haha!).. 
Plus given this opportunity of hosting another event made my FOCUS in losing weight a little more on point..

So here’s what I actually wore on that hosting stint that you folks might want to wear on some of your (not so) formal events but you want to outstand by being a dapper gent..
Well it’s not super formal because of the shoes and the fact that I had to wear that NO SHOW SOCK..

Anyway the whole look works despite having two different prints because both prints are not over powering each other..
The polka dots are smaller and the stripes are thin..
And since there are already two details that makes the look special..
 I had to tone the other details out like by pairing it with matching trousers and a a crisp white shirt..
I was fortunate enough to actually have a tie with the same print as the details of the coat that I am wearing..
Then I was also fortunate enough to find these plain white topsiders (that is just on budget.. haha)..
Lastly these clear eyewear that I usually use to accessorize my look..

So just remember to keep the whole look clean by not having too much of things going on with the whole look and lastly that choice of color can maintain that dapper gent in you..



Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Agosto 9, 2015


We are best known for our never ending SUNSHINE..
At least that’s what I remember from that GLEE episode with Charice Pempengco in it.. haha
Well I agree with that literally and figuratively..
Because SUNSHINE also means our happy disposition in life as PINOYS..
It can also mean our crazy beautiful beaches that shines even brighter because of our tropical weather..
And lastly the beautiful people that we truly are..

Anyway I’d like to talk more about our coverboys MIKE and GAB..
And if you guys are wondering –MIKE was our previous coverboy during our first anniversary issue a few years back..
I remember him telling us his weight loss story and the story behind their amazing resort “VILLA ALFREDO”..
Now 2 years after (if I remember things correctly.. haha) he comes back on our pages with his younger brother GAB..
And It was just amazing how these boys lose all their gut just like that..
I am sooo sure that you folks are excited to get to know more about our coverboys..
So we took the privilege to ask them stuff that we are interested to know..

Here’s what we’ve asked GAB:
Q: One word to describe the old you.. then another word for the new you..
A: Old: Cute New: Sexy

Q: If your weight loss would be a movie what would be it's title?
A: Limitless
Q: What motivated you to lose weight?
A: Girls
Q: How did u lost all that weight?
A: Hard work, discipline and dedication.

Q: how long did it take for u to lose the weight?
A: 6months
Q: what were your workouts
A: I started with just doing  pushups and cruches. Oh I also did lots of cardio.
Q: what were the challenges
A: Temptation from food and laziness.
Q: What kept you going?
A: Passion
Q: when did you know that it's time to stop losing and start maintaining?
A: To be honest I'm still trying to lose a little weight.
Q: have you reached your target weight already?
A: Definitely not yet.

Q: How did your friends react to all of these changes?
A: They were shocked.
Q:  how are the girls reacting to all these changes?
A: Haha I really don't know
Q: Boxers or briefs?
A: Briefs
Q: Sexiest part of your body?
A: Chest I guess

Q: Do you ever feel insecure?
A: No I don't
Q: Tell us about how your brother helped you?
A: He pushed me to my limit
Q: Message to ur brother?
A: You're the best bro!! I owe all the weight lost to you and thanks for all the support.

Q: How was it shooting with stalk?  
A: One of the best experience of my life to be honest

Q: Message to our readers who would want to lose weight?
A: Its not hard if you put your mindset to it.
Q: Single?
A: Taken
Q: What qualities are you looking for in a girl?
A: Pretty and kind and most of all I just want a simple girl smile emoticon.

Then here’s what we’ve asked MIKE:

Q: You are back! It took 2years? Haha.. how does it feel to be on the cover of Stalk again and now with your lil brother?
A: It feels amazing to be back, I mean I’ve really grown as a person and as a model since my last shoot for STALK and It was just as fun as my first one. Haha of course having my lil brother there made it a lot better, and I was really proud of him as well

Q: Can u tell us how you've contributed to Gab's weight loss?
A: I guess you could say I was his mentor, I was just guiding and helping him all the way, but it was really gabby’s drive that got him to where he is, and he did a great job

Q: We remember your stint in a newspaper months after Stalk came out.. can you tell us how everything came to place?
A: Well I’m just thankful for all the modeling opportunities given to me (including STALK for making me their cover twice) because they are just all great and fun learning experiences that help me become a better model. It was just really all blessings from God, you just have to trust him and always work hard, eventually you will get want you want and even more
Q: There's also one brand where you we're one of the boys for their campaign..? How did you land that gig?
A: It was for fifth code a street wear brand (they have amazing clothes BTW) my friend referred me to the owner then that’s when it all started. I could say that was one of the most exciting shoots I’ve ever had since it was in EK and I was working with such talented people from the models to the photographer
Q: How do you see yourself 10years from now?
A: I want to be a successful business owner, while maybe work part time in our resort, haha even model a bit if it’s possible. I just want to life my life to the fullest while giving glory to god every step of the way

Q:Can you tell us about your bag business?
A: Its actually my thesis for school because i'm an EM student, and it’s been an amazing experience it made me really learn a lot about the triumphs and sacrifices of being an entrepreneur. I sell water resistant string bags I made it for athletes, but it is also very useful for students and the working class because of it functionality, it also comes in 20 different designs. My bags are currently available in “just things” located at Marcos highway and at ZALORA for the online shoppers, and if you guys were wondering my brand is named “Haversack”
Q: how did you come up with the name of the brand?
A: Well it I just wanted a brand name that was new, classy, and related to bags so I did a bit of research then boom ‘Haversack’ haha and now its DTI registered

Q: How did it all start?
A: Well you just really have to find what people need or are looking for, once you spot that opportunity. Do some research, make a plan, and get some capital then your all set.
Q: advise for our readers who would like to start their own line of business?
A: just be patient, work hard, and never be afraid to fail, because failure is inevitable and in the business world you will encounter a lot of problems and road blocks, but you just have to be positive and bounce back even stronger

Q: We remember that you had a #sosyproblem wayback our first shoot haha.. when you didn't know what specific course to take back then.. how did you resolve that?
A: Plan your life haha and contemplate a lot. I’m the type of person who wants to be my own boss, and be in control of my own time. So I realized being an entrepreneur was the choice for me.

Q: Sexiest part of your body?
A: Wow I don’t know how to answer that, but I guess my heart (if that counts) haha nothing beats a gentleman
Q: Lights on or off?
A: Hahahaha umm on I guess

Q: Sexiest movie of all time?
A: Any Emma Roberts or Emma Watson movie, they’ve always been my crushes haha
Q: Current mood song?
A: maybe some Kendrick or drake songs

Q: Are there days when you feel less gwapo?
A: Maybe on those lazy days where you just don’t care how you look, but I don’t really think about it

Q: Briefs or boxers?
A: Boxer-briefs definitely

Q: Last day on earth.. what do u want to do? And where are you? Who are you with?
A: Hawaii, skydiving with my family and girlfriend
Q: Funniest rumor about you?
A: Probably that I have skinny legs… haha which is kinda true
Q:Have you ever had stalkers?
A: Well none that I know of

So that’s it STALKERS!
I hope that you guys had fun reading and browsing over the shots..
Cause we had so much fun shooting!


 Louie Ray Faundo

Martes, Hunyo 16, 2015


3years ago we have launched our first ever anniversary issue entitled “The RISE of a GREEK hero”..
Where me and the whole crew went all the way to Villa Alfredo’s Resort in Pampanga (which they own by the way) to shoot..
Now (almost) 3years after our coverboy MICHAEL ANGELES is back on our cover!

let me just quickly update you folks with MICHAEL now..
He’s now in COLLEGE (he was just 17y.o during our first shoot..)
he is very much in love now with his girlfriend "ANDEE" (sorry girls and boys haha)..
and he now owns his own business (which we will talk about once we release the whole editorial) ..
Not only that - this time he brought along his younger brother GAB for his first ever shoot..
they will both share the story behind their WEIGHT LOSS and how they manage to maintain their weight..

Anyway it took me awhile to squeeze in EDITING and WRITING for this (so thank GOD)..
But I’m really glad that we could finally unveil all four covers..
yes! for the first time we have four covers..
so here they are, welcome to FOREVER SUMMER.

Enjoy browsing STALKERS!



Louie Ray Faundo

Biyernes, Hunyo 5, 2015

Look Who’s STALK’n On Our Next Issue “Mike & Gab”

Well we all know that there’s such a thing as FOREVER..
It’s FOREVER SUMMER in the PHILIPPINES! Haha.. (I apologize for the sarcasm)
But that’s actually a good thing.. why?
What would be the use of all our crazy beautiful BEACHES if it’s raining..?
Anyway we’d like to say that SUMMER is EXTENDED as we bring you Mike & Gab Angeles on our next issue..
We will share with you more of our quick trip to their home in Quezon city as we’ve done a quick raid on their closet..
Seen their workout haven..
And met their dogs “KINDER” and “JJ”

I’d like to thank my STYLIST and former cover girl DINDZ TESTON (@dindz_teston) for helping us shoot this comeback of MIKE for STALK..
And now he’s with his brother GAB who lost a whole lot of weight..
I’ll tell you more about this awesome shoot and their WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS when we unveil the cover (in a few days..)

So here’s the teaser of our upcoming issue..
I’d like to apologize to GAB as I have included that candid of him trying to make KINDER settle down..

Hope you guys enjoyed browsing through the mag!



Louie Ray Faundo

Martes, Hunyo 2, 2015


It just feels amazing to see people who are so much in love..

When you see how the eyes speak for it self..

Screaming “KILEEEEG” to it’s maximum level haha!

I’m sure you guys could relate in some way or another..

Just like these two “Michael Angeles & Andrea Villanueva” ..

But please don’t get this the wrong way..

It’s NOT a pre-nuptial shoot..

This is actually for their anniversary!

I just wish you both the best in LIFE and in your chosen CAREERS!

For more info about PRE-NUPTIAL, PORTFOLIO or BABY themed shoots email me at


Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Mayo 28, 2015

“Walang Hanggan”

it just means a whole lot of things when it is said in our mother language..
and believing that there is such a thing brings us HOPE..
because LIFE is too SHORT to be HOPELESS..
Yeah because I have found the ONE..
It was EIGHT & A HALF years ago..
Not bad right?
But please don’t get this wrong –RELATIONSHIPS are MARATHONS.
Just like what BO Sanchez said in one of his books..
It’s not a SPRINT nor a 100 meter DASH..
It’s a whole lot of WORK to make it work..
It is a SACRIFICE without anything being asked in RETURN..
It should GROW you and your PARTNER..
And it should INSPIRE..
Haha well enough about me! I’ll put that on my next blogpost haha..

Anyway I’d like to share with you guys what I’ve been working on for the past few days..
This is my first PRE-NUPTIAL shoot with my good friend Rosyth and Ron..
Here’s a sample since I’d like the rest to be a surprise for the upcoming bride..
I was inspired just by going through their shots..
I could feel the LOVE in their eyes..
I hope you would too..

For more info about PRE-NUP shoots email me at

Hope you guys had fun reading and browsing through the blog!


Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Mayo 14, 2015


BAPTISM could mean a whole lot of things..
And yes you guys are right..
Just like NEW YEAR’s..
START OVER and make things BETTER..
So what better way to CELEBRATE our 3rd year but to bring an amazing guy who’d give a whole new meaning to the word BAPTISM..

Let me introduce you folks to this amazing young man “JON LEO LIMBO”..
He’s a 22y.o SOFTWARE ENGINEER from the University of Santo Tomas..
A FOOTBALL PLAYER who loves to play BASKETBALL too..
You’d find out a lot more about this guy when you check his INSTAGRAM out (@johnleomari)..
His fondness of TRAVELLING..
Of his SHOES..
His FOOD..
and his FACE.. haha (peace Jon! Yeah he gets teased from having too much selfies..)
this man is definitely loved by all..
maybe it’s because of his SINCERITY..
the way he responds to people and the way he looks you in the eye..
or maybe his HUMILITY and the way he treats people with such respect..

JON has been on the pages of men’s fashion magazine “GARAGE”..  
Or maybe you’ve noticed him on ZALORA’s shopping pages while he’s modeling their watches..
This guy even has a clothing sponsor or shall we say a brand that he endorses which is METROJUAN from instagram..
Truly this guy is slowly having his way through the land of SHOW BUSINESS..

Anyway we won’t let him go without asking him some random questions that you folks might want to know about JON..

1. describe yourself in one word. MEEK

2. Theme song of your life? I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw

3. Last song you’ve played? Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran

4. Lights off or on? Lights On

5. Boxers or briefs? Briefs

6. Sexiest part of ur body? My arms i guess? Haha

7. When do you feel insecure? Never was. I know how to appreciate anything/anyone.

8. Celeb crush? Anne Curtis/Cristine Reyes/Sophia Bush/Amanda Seyfried

9. Any person whom you want to switch your life with? None. I'm contented with myself, 
the people around me and the things happening in my life.

10. Thoughts on about GAY people? Happy people that should be respected and they 
deserve to be treated with equality.

11. How do u see yourself 10yrs from now? Living a simple life with my future wife and 3 kids

12. How do you build thousands of followers on IG? Thanks to STALK and other partners who trusted me hehehe

13. Thoughts on being #1 most liked on @handsomefilipinos? That was so random, flattered and of course very thankful for the appreciation

14. Pet peeve? People who are so noisy and loud. I also find girls who always go to parties/bars and eventually gets drunk and wasted so annoying

15. Most embarrassing moment? When I was caught opening notes during a quiz back in HS. Hahaha

16. End of the world tom. Where would you be? Who would u bring? I'd want to be in a white beach. I want to be alone during that time for me to personally and peacefully reflect on the life I had lived.

17. Message to your fans? Let's not say fans, I don’t think I have any hehe I prefer, 
friends and family. I wanna thank my friends and family for the love and support they continuously give. I will never forget every help they gave, no matter how small it was.

18. How was it shooting with stalk? It was fun, exciting too! Hoping for more shoots with the team someday

19. How do u define ur style? Simple. I dont like wearing many accessories. Just a shirt or buttondowns paired with my jeans and sneakers. Good to go!

20. You go back to any of ur previous years in life then you see yourself.. what advice would you give yourself? Continue to go after your goals and remain humble, loving, helpful and kind.

I hope you folks got to know our coverboy better through this short interview..

CHEERS to MORE years of STALK’n!



Louie Ray Faundo