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Huwebes, Marso 26, 2015


One of a BLOGGER’s ultimate GOAL is to ATTRACT brands..



One is that it widens your BLOG TRAFFIC and it broadens your NETWORK..

So I’m really glad that I’ve finally got the opportunity to shoot the work of this young man..

Jarrod Adams from Australia..

I’d love to share with you guys how this shoot finally took place here in the country..

But since this is just a SNEAK PEAK then I’ll lay down the details further this weekend!

Here’s our coverboy DAVID OLSON rockin this shirt from BLACKDEWA..

for more of Jarrod's awesome creations >>  visit

Have a GREAT STALKIN everyone!



Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Marso 12, 2015

What I WORE: Basics “The White Tee”

Men’s wear is as BASIC as we guys are..
As much as we want to make things complicated it’s all about being GWAPO (or handsome in English)
MEN want to dress up because we want to look FRESH..
Kinda like the guy out of shower.. (please nod your head..haha)
So this year my “WHAT I WORE” entries would be the BASICS..
How to build your strong WARDROBE fit for all occasion..

So to start with what’s the most basic of them all?


Or during my college days it was called the ZANJOE MARUDO look haha! (from PBB a local show that I watch..)

There are a lot of variety when choosing a white tee..

1.       COMFORT
I’m sure most guys would agree that we prioritize comfort than any other thing (right?)
My choice would be the one which is made with cotton..

2.       BRAND
Don’t get me wrong I am not that brand conscious but there are certain brands that I personally TRUST (big word! haha)

3.       FIT
Since I am not that guy with a small waist then FIT is important for me..
I would normally choose the fit that’s tight on the arms and a little loose on the torso..

So given these criteria in choosing a white tee here’s how I would rock this basic item and make it mine..
I paired it with a FADED GREY PANTS..
Then I chose to make it fun by using SNEAKS instead of a more serious footwear..
Then to add up that “ME” vibe I accessorized this basic look with a NAVY BLUE TRENCH (just to maximize the cold weather for the past few days)

This look is so wearable in a lot of ways..
Either hitting the MALL with FRIENDS..
And a lot more..

So that’s it STALKERS for my first look inspired by the WHITE TEE..
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Enjoy dressing up guys!


Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Marso 8, 2015

STALK FEATURE: How To Ace A Pageant Shoot

It is such a privilege to actually be trusted to shoot this pageant that we have at work..

Being a manager at work is a totally different story but the fact that I have this outlet to share my talent with the company that I chose to work for just feels amazing..

Anyway since summer is coming up I figured that it's time to post these shots from our fun at work activity called A**Y Beach Bodies (I apologize if I cant mention the name of the company here due to.. never mind haha!)

but I'd like give you guys a few pointers on how you could ace a shoot (esp if you guys are working with an amazing photographer??! haha.. kiddin!)  

So let's start with the head shots..

·         PREPARE.
o   It's time that you become the king / queen of SELFIE by practicing with a mirror or your phone.. have a hair cut.. and make sure you are on your best look by sleeping
·         LEARN MAKE-UP
o   You can’t expect the pageant to give you the best make-up artist (vice versa) you cant expect the make up artist to bring stuff that suits your complexion
o   For guys learn the art or concealing (it’s less complicated for us so be happy.. haha) 
·         SMIZE
o   Take it from TYRA – smile with your eyes and make your eyes do the talking
·         MOVE
o   You have to give tour photographer VARIETY bymoving your head a little.. chin up here and chin down there.. look to your right..look to your left etc.
·          TALK
o   A model with a great personality has most likely a bigger chance of winning than someone who looks perfect but can’t survive a small chit-chat with the people he/she works with
·         BE YOURSELF (your best self atleast)
o   We all know that we could smell a faker a few meters away so don’t fake it.. be real and have fun! 

and here are the rest of the shots!

Enjoy browsing everyone. 


Louie Ray Faundo

Lunes, Pebrero 2, 2015


Every now and then we feature cool kids wearing their cool OOTD’s on the streets..

So we have a fresh batch of stylish folks coming from my Alma mater LaSalle Dasma..

These we’re actually shot a longtime ago so I apologize for the uber long delay.. haha

STREET STYLE is something that emerged from CULTURE..

something very personal..

EDGY and has that extra SPUNK..

Something that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd..

Be either PREPPY..



And a lot more..

and yeah we live in a world where INTERNET presence is very important..




and the way we present ourselves to this MEDIA is very important..

not because we want to please everyone..

It's just because IT IS  YOU.

Anyway here are some of  my favorite shots from that shoot..
I hope you guys enjoy browsing through the shots!



Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Enero 18, 2015

COVER EDITORIAL: I Woke Up Like This (Volume III Issue I)

Because we are all created in the likeness of our CREATOR..
The only thing is that WE DON’T REALIZE THIS!
So this year let’s START it right by DOING THINGS right.
Enough of all the DRAMA and PITY party..
Let me quote a commercial whose words STRUCK me..

“GREATNESS just does not come to you.. YOU work for IT.. You EARN it..You NEVER STOP.. You NEVER SETTLE for just GOOD.. GREATNESS is not for SOME.. It’s for ALL of US.. But GREATNESS is up to YOU.. CHOOSE to be GREAT.”

I believe that our DESTINY is always GREAT..
Prepared by our CREATOR..
But we have to WAKE UP and CHASE it..
Which is why for our third volume’s first issue – we’d like to encourage everyone to GET UP and BE GREAT!
(Let me copy queen B’s line.. haha) Because YOU WOKE UP LIKE THIS..
Just like our coverboy for this issue DAVID OLSON..
This 20y.o guy has a mix of Spanish, American and Filipino bloodline which makes his facial features pretty interesting..
He looks kinda like Ed Westwick from that jaw and those eyes with a bit of Daniel Padilla with his hair and angst and a mix of Kit from PBB teens and that guy who’s father is Bembol Roco.. (crazy but it looks amazing through the lens)
I found david through a friend of mine in Facebook last December 2014 and immediately  after seeing that face - I knew that he is perfect for STALK..
Ang thank GOD he agreed for this shoot (despite his schedule)
and the rest is just history..

Now let’s get to know our cover boy a little more..
Aside from the fact that he can only speak a few FILIPINO words, he can completely understand our language..
this guy is born and raised here in the Philippines..
He describes himself as IRRATIONAL but would want to be remembered as an all-around good guy..
David started doing Graphic design when he finished high school and that was when he was about 16y.o and that line of work branched him out in different things in different areas..
Then he started modeling when he was around 17-18y.o and from then on it was a mixture of a lot of opportunities for him – which one of these is his recent stint in the MMFF entry BONIFACIO (Robing and Daniel Padilla)

“You mean my literal 3.5 seconds of “ONSCREEN FAME?” hahahaha! Yeah I’m really glad to have that opportunity. It was definitely the highlight of my 2014.”

(Now let’s get more intimate) PERSONAL LIFE:
Yes, David is very much SINGLE.. (please stop rejoicing.. haha)
He says that he’s not PARTICULAR with the CHARACTERISTIC when we asked him on his particulars for his next relationship –

“Not a fan of generalizing characteristics when they work differently on different people.”

And of course we’d love to ask some crazy questions that I’m sure you guys might want to know..

“I don’t really get this question but yeah.. BOTH”

Would you go for a SEXY lead role if someone offers you?

“Uhh, yeah sure haha. If the time is right, WHY NOT?”

 When do you feel sexy?

“EVERYDAY man. Hahaha everyday”

And  David shared with us his EXPERIENCE with the SHOOT:

“It was GREAT, loved it. Learned a lot from it and I’m glad that you had me. I said yes to this shoot because after checking your blog, I saw great content, and I’m really happy to have been a part of it.”
Awww.. thanks David!
We loved working with you during the holidays..
David is still looking forward to a bigger and brighter 2015 in terms of getting more projects..
STALK just wishes you all the BEST in your chosen career!

Let us all remember that we all have a GREAT FUTURE ahead of us..
But we have to see it..
We have to FEEL it..
We need to have that VISION of SUCCESS..
For “when theres’s NO VISION, people PERISH.”
Let’s all choose to be GREAT this 2015 STALKERS!



Louie Ray Faundo