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Linggo, Hulyo 20, 2014


Balancing all your daily tasks is NO JOKE!
But I consider BALANCE a gift from GOD.
Sometimes that same balance creates that INNER PEACE in us.
Anyway I was able to balance my schedule this past weekend and finished my weekly DATE with CHOOCHEE.. (awww.. haha)
Finish a SHOOT and EDIT this blog post for my dear readers.
So Here’s the much awaited cover for our third issue for 2014..
With our covergirl KIM on the beautiful beach of CANYON COVE in Batangas.
We’ve had so much FUN there and this shoot was just MEMORABLE.

So here it is I hope you guys like our latest cover.

Have fun browsing STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Hulyo 10, 2014

LOOK WHO’s STALK’n On Our 3rd Issue For 2014.

It’s been awhile since our last issue was out..
And I’ve been working on some shoots but turns out that things aren’t panning out to what’s expected.
But the beauty of life is that when we feel like things are falling apart..
Things are actually falling into place.
So for our latest issue here’s a teaser w/ our model “KIM”..

Shot in the beautiful resort of Canyon Cove.

Have fun browsing STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo       

Miyerkules, Hulyo 9, 2014


                Yes summer is indeed over in the country but we can’t deny the fact that our country is so famous because of our amazing BEACHES! So I’m posting yet another LOOK that we could wear in a DATE? or perhaps or a CASUAL MEETING in a beach setting.

                If you guys are wondering where was this taken? It is in CANYON COVE , Batangas. It was during our recent trip there with my cousin Kim (which was just loads of FUN!).
Anyway I’ve come to realize that the best VACATIONS are not about the DESTINATION..
but rather the EXPERIENCE that we have in every place that we go to..
and the PEOPLE that we choose to have each experience with. .

which makes it PRICELESS!

I’ve decided to shoot this newly purchased CHECKERED BLAZER (Moogao)of mine with this grey short sleeved shirt (Topman) and this NAVY BLUE PANTS (Bangkok)and that same MANDALS (or men’s sandals.. from BANGKOK as well).

  • ·         Choose the RIGHT FIT that compliments your BOD
  • ·         Choose the RIGHT COLORS that compliments your SKIN TONE
  • ·         and lastly DRESS APPROPRIATELY


STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo   

Linggo, Hunyo 29, 2014

What I WORE: “Forever Summer”

When I was a kid I hated the beach..
Maybe it’s because of how I can’t enjoy the water since there are no slides..
Or its not that colorful..
And that I feel sticky right after.. haha!
but things have changed when we GROW UP. 
the SAND.. WAVES and the SUN creates that stress busting ambiance into each of our SUMMER vacation.
Anyway last week my cousin and I finally went to a beach and enjoy the amazing weather in the country. We we’re rooting for BORACAY however I felt like it was not feasible due to the lack of preparation. So the nearest most accessible place to go to is CANYON COVE.  

We’ve been there plenty of times..
The good thing with this place is that.. 
The beach is just a few steps away from the hotel..
The pool is big enough to accommodate everyone (so it isn't crowded)
though it's not that fancy like the infinity pool of AQUATICO and Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro (which is sadly exclusive for members only..)
CANYON COVE is just perfect for our little getaway.

So since the location is just really cool I made sure that I got my outfits ready for shooting. For this first look I’ve decided to be really casual and comfy at the same time. I chose this old SHORT SLEEVED PLAID paired with this fitted navy blue SHORTS both from (Folded&Hung). Then to add a little DAPPER feel I chose to wear this cool HAT (Bench) and this LEATHER SANDALS (Bangkok).

The key to this whole look is having the RIGHT FIT of clothes and choosing the right COLORS & PRINTS and lastly ACCESSORIES.

Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

Sabado, Hunyo 21, 2014


Hi STALKERS it’s been awhile since my last outfit post.
My schedule is just crazy lately..
but thank GOD for giving us amazing WEEKENDS..
to have FUN and ENJOY LIFE.

Anyway almost a year ago I was given an opportunity to judge a FASHION SHOW for the high school students of “Colegio De San Agustin” in Makati..
and the experience is just a DREAM COME TRUE..
just like being NIGEL BARKER (photographer judge on America’s Next Top Model) haha..
special thanks to my good friend Lhyn Austerio for the trust.

So the question is what do you wear on an event like this?
Since I am a “JUDGE” then I have to be a little formal..
But since it’s a fashion event as well then I have to be (a little..) un-PREDICTABLE.   
So I had no choice but to wear my only neutral casual coat (Penshoppe) paired with a button down white long sleeves (Bangkok)  then a printed tie (Bangkok)..
Then since I have to spice this look up I chose this unusual colored trouser  (Bangkok)..
Yeah it’s in a shocking red shade..haha
then lastly these Brogues (SM Department Store)which is a MUST have for every guy out there.

So again the key into this whole look is to manage the COLOR SCHEME (Neutrals + Color Pop) and the PRINTS (no over powering print on print)..
so that It would blend together into a clean & polished look that guys could definitely sport on special occasions.

So that’s it for now STALKERS!
Enjoy dressing up for SUCCESS.

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Hunyo 12, 2014


I was NEVER the SPORTY type.
but NOT sporty.
but not with SPORTS.
It could be because of the fact that I had really BAD EXPERIENCES with sports..
And I easily get injured..
It was just not for ME.

Well I am writing this blog not because of sharing my past with sports but because I hated the fact that the only shoes I had back then for everything was my PAIR of BASKETBALL SHOES.
Well not that I am complaining. Haha
It was just NOT ME.
Baggy tops + Basketball shoes + huge denim pants .. ? CRAZY!

So here’s a look that I came up with that we guys could wear with our RUBBER SHOES in a more fashionable way (Just so that you won’t look like you just got out off the court) haha.
So I paired this RUNNING SHOES of mine with some PRINTED SOCKS..
Then I chose to wear this cute SHORTS from (Folded & Hung) then this old KNITTED SWEATER from (Regatta)and this long-sleeved shirt under just to create that PREPPY JOCK look.
I just had to make sure that the details don’t over power each other.
The technique is BOLD PRINTS + MICRO PRINTS..
Choice of COLOR is also IMPORTANT.
So for this look I chose BLUE as the one TONE that would make it more PUT-TOGETHER.
And oh lastly some NERDY GLASSES and that GOLD wrist watch (Casio) --which is a come back..silver is just becoming too overrated in the accessories world.. and that's to complete the whole look.

Have FUN dressing up STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo  

Sabado, Abril 26, 2014


It has been four months since I started handling my own team (which consists of 15 people..) and I still feel blessed and overwhelmed that what I have been dreaming 7 years ago has finally happened.

That is why I believe that we all are “LIVING our OWN DREAMS”              

Somewhere in the past we all have dreamt of huge and small SUCCESSES in our LIVES..
 and believe it or not some of those DREAMS are already happening right NOW..
like how we dreamt of having our own air-condition when we we’re kids (since it’s really humid here in the Philippines..) because sleeping during summer is just crazy.

or how we dreamt of having our own house..

or JOB?


Or even find our one GREAT LOVE.                                 

And because of this I just feel THANKFUL that GOD lives in our FUTURE..
and he has gotten all of these amazing PLANS for us.

So since it’s HOLY WEEK I just felt like it’s timely to just go away and have our own little adventure..

Be AWAY.. REPENT and perhaps experience the LIFE without distractions..

and just be in the presence of GOD’s creations.

Just like how it is in SURVIVOR. Haha

I remember growing up in a place where HOLY WEEK is just BORING.. (I mean as a KID..)
I just don’t get why aren’t we allowed to PLAY?
It didn’t really make sense..
Until last year when I started attending “THE FEAST”..
It changed the way I look at things and I had a deeper understanding of my own Catholic Faith.
It helped me in a HUGE way.
So I found out that HOLY WEEK is not just about MOURNING..
It is remembering GOD’s unconditional LOVE for us.
That there’s this amazing guy who LOVED us so much and he gave his LIFE for US.

So we travelled without a car.
We camped overnight and ate simple food.
Swam and enjoyed the company of eachother.
Anyway here are some of my shots during our little trip.

Have fun reading and browsing over the photographs STALKERS!