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Linggo, Enero 18, 2015

COVER EDITORIAL: I Woke Up Like This (Volume III Issue I)

Because we are all created in the likeness of our CREATOR..
The only thing is that WE DON’T REALIZE THIS!
So this year let’s START it right by DOING THINGS right.
Enough of all the DRAMA and PITY party..
Let me quote a commercial whose words STRUCK me..

“GREATNESS just does not come to you.. YOU work for IT.. You EARN it..You NEVER STOP.. You NEVER SETTLE for just GOOD.. GREATNESS is not for SOME.. It’s for ALL of US.. But GREATNESS is up to YOU.. CHOOSE to be GREAT.”

I believe that our DESTINY is always GREAT..
Prepared by our CREATOR..
But we have to WAKE UP and CHASE it..
Which is why for our third volume’s first issue – we’d like to encourage everyone to GET UP and BE GREAT!
(Let me copy queen B’s line.. haha) Because YOU WOKE UP LIKE THIS..
Just like our coverboy for this issue DAVID OLSON..
This 20y.o guy has a mix of Spanish, American and Filipino bloodline which makes his facial features pretty interesting..
He looks kinda like Ed Westwick from that jaw and those eyes with a bit of Daniel Padilla with his hair and angst and a mix of Kit from PBB teens and that guy who’s father is Bembol Roco.. (crazy but it looks amazing through the lens)
I found david through a friend of mine in Facebook last December 2014 and immediately  after seeing that face - I knew that he is perfect for STALK..
Ang thank GOD he agreed for this shoot (despite his schedule)
and the rest is just history..

Now let’s get to know our cover boy a little more..
Aside from the fact that he can only speak a few FILIPINO words, he can completely understand our language..
this guy is born and raised here in the Philippines..
He describes himself as IRRATIONAL but would want to be remembered as an all-around good guy..
David started doing Graphic design when he finished high school and that was when he was about 16y.o and that line of work branched him out in different things in different areas..
Then he started modeling when he was around 17-18y.o and from then on it was a mixture of a lot of opportunities for him – which one of these is his recent stint in the MMFF entry BONIFACIO (Robing and Daniel Padilla)

“You mean my literal 3.5 seconds of “ONSCREEN FAME?” hahahaha! Yeah I’m really glad to have that opportunity. It was definitely the highlight of my 2014.”

(Now let’s get more intimate) PERSONAL LIFE:
Yes, David is very much SINGLE.. (please stop rejoicing.. haha)
He says that he’s not PARTICULAR with the CHARACTERISTIC when we asked him on his particulars for his next relationship –

“Not a fan of generalizing characteristics when they work differently on different people.”

And of course we’d love to ask some crazy questions that I’m sure you guys might want to know..

“I don’t really get this question but yeah.. BOTH”

Would you go for a SEXY lead role if someone offers you?

“Uhh, yeah sure haha. If the time is right, WHY NOT?”

 When do you feel sexy?

“EVERYDAY man. Hahaha everyday”

And  David shared with us his EXPERIENCE with the SHOOT:

“It was GREAT, loved it. Learned a lot from it and I’m glad that you had me. I said yes to this shoot because after checking your blog, I saw great content, and I’m really happy to have been a part of it.”
Awww.. thanks David!
We loved working with you during the holidays..
David is still looking forward to a bigger and brighter 2015 in terms of getting more projects..
STALK just wishes you all the BEST in your chosen career!

Let us all remember that we all have a GREAT FUTURE ahead of us..
But we have to see it..
We have to FEEL it..
We need to have that VISION of SUCCESS..
For “when theres’s NO VISION, people PERISH.”
Let’s all choose to be GREAT this 2015 STALKERS!



Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Enero 11, 2015


It’s crazy how people get fed up with NEW YEAR’s hope of a
FITTER you..
MATURE you..
And a lot more..
Makes us all want to REVAMP and PUSH HARDER to become the person that we wanted to be..
And that is SOMETHING that GOD gave us..
That GIFT of HOPE..

So this year I feel like I was able to START the year RIGHT by having our SHOOT ahead of time..
This year I wanted to be MORE PERSISTENT with my DREAMS..
I can’t let that FEELING of NOTHING IS HAPPENING get into ME or my PEOPLE..
Because SOMETHING is always HAPPENING..
GOD is always COOKING UP something BIG in our LIVES..
So I’d want to START this year with a CELEBRATION of that GREAT FUTURE!

Anyway our FIRST COVER is up TODAY!
A FRESH START with our cover boy DAVID OLSON in his SLEEP WEAR..
Well if you guys are wondering why SLEEPWEAR in the new year?
It’s because I want to remind everyone that It’s TIME TO WAKE UP..
DREAMS will STAY as DREAMS unless you wake up and WORK IT!
I remember that phrase from BEYONCE “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS”
And she was RIGHT!
Because we are all created in GOD’s likeness..
Because we are SON’s and DAUGHTER’s of GOD..
But not unless we know it – we will never push..
So my GOAL this year is to WAKE Y’all up STALKERS!
It’s time to get BOLDER this year..
And be that PERSON who learn from last year’s FAILURES..
Let’s all reach for that SUCCESS!


Here’s the cover – watch out for our ARTICLE about this uber humble guy when the whole editorial comes out.



Louie Ray Faundo

Miyerkules, Enero 7, 2015

Look Who’s STALK’n For Our First Issue in 2015..

Here’s a teaser of our first issue for this year..
We’d like to kick things off with a bang for 2015..
As I believe that this month is all about CLEAN SLATES..
A breathe of fresh air into our CAREERS..

So for now enjoy this teaser with our GORGEOUS model DAVID OLSON..

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Enero 4, 2015

EDITORIAL: Gay Ok. (Volume II Issue VI)

As the year 2014 bids goodbye..
We would like to kick things with BAM!
So for our last hurrah and our anniversary issue we made an alternate cover to really help us voice out what we mean with this issue..
And that is that being GAY is OK..

There would probably be a lot of critics who’s argue with this STATEMENT..
But this is not for you folks..
This is for all the young boys and girls out there who are SCARED..
And probably feeling that GOD made them different in a bad way..

We have created this issue not to tolerate but to make these folks feel that it is ok..
But you’ve got a lot to PROVE..
You have to work harder..
You have to be TOUGHER!
You have to be SMARTER..
Not because of your DETRACTORS..
But because of your PARENTS..
And because GOD made you in his OWN likeness..
You are a son/daughter of GOD..
And if there’s one message that GOD has for you in the BIBLE..
It is that HE LOVES YOU..
No MATTER who you are..

We have on our cover one guy who has gained people’s RESPECT..
Because of his DISCIPLINE and PASSION..
At work and for ART..
It’s Charlston Teston a.k.a “DINDZ”
People may know him as the D.I.Y queen.. (check out his instagram account..haha)
As he has created a lot of fashionable stuff himself..
From bags to clothes and accessories..
He never fails to get it done..

Anyway I asked him a couple of questions and found out that he kinda figured out that he’s gay back in gradeschool -- and since he’s a momma’s boy and have 2 sisters to play with all the time which made his whole evolution easier..  
Growing up as a gay kid was never easy as he also had numerous ups and downs but what’s important is the support system that he had found in his family and friends that made him the person that he is now.
This SUPPORT SYSTEM from family and friends that he had made him so thankful..

“I couldn’t COMPLAIN”

Dindy’s parents we’re supportive enough to understand that he is different in a good way..

“There was no COMING OUT PARTY. Maybe they just understood it.”  

When asked about how he dealt with BULLIES he mentioned that it is always a part of growing up..
All the PAIN is a part of every individual’s GROWTH..
What he did instead is FOCUS all his ENERGY on sports instead like volleyball..
Such venue is important to pre-occupy those awkward stages in his life.
His message for those kids who are SCARED and UNCERTAIN on their individuality..
“EMBRACE your INDIVIDUALITY – raise and waive your freak flag ON all the time”

Let’s talk about your STYLE:
Dindy’s style icons are Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) – Carrie influenced her style choices and OBSESSION in SHOES..
She also adores Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie for their BOHO CHIC-ness and lastly Rihanna for being RISQUE & FEARLESS!
Since we are assuming that you we’re dressing up as a boy wayback –I’m sure our readers would love to know when did you start dressing up like this.

“It was right after ROTC in college wayback when I started dressing up like this”

Dindz would define her style as GLAMMED UP STREET STYLE – like GHETTO FABULOUS..
Which sometimes depend on her mood..
According to our cover girl people would sometimes speculate when they see her but as long as he is comfortable in her own skin then he does not care.

·         BALLET FLATS

Well we heard about your promotion at work! (Congratulations! Haha ofcourse I was your mentor haha..)
He shared that it took a lot of DISCIPLINE and SELF-CHECK / REALIZATION..
And plus she just loves what she’s doing..

So that’s it for 2014’s last hurrah!
I had so much fun over our second year..
And I’m looking forward to the next 365 days of creating art and touching people’s lives through my style and photography..


STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

Linggo, Disyembre 14, 2014


They say that HOLIDAY’s require warmer colors such as RED..
But I’d say get out of the box and wear something dark..
Like BLACK..
Black is the absence of COLOR..
Absence of LIGHT..
So for my third look for the holidays I’ve prepared something perfect for my younger readers..
I’m wearing a BLACK ensemble which is very SPORTY and DAPPER at the same time..

The Key Pieces here are the VARSITY JACKET (Blued) paired with DARK PANTS (Bangkok)..
As I always tell you guys - a TOP and TROUSERS that are in the same hue makes us look taller and slimmer.. haha!
 Then I chose this dressy BROWN BROGUES (SM Department Store) then PRINTED SOCKS..
Notice how the printed socks with a pop of color makes everything youthful and fun..
And lastly this cute BAG that looks like a “BAON-an” haha!
Got this from our trip to Bangkok a year ago..
I just felt like it would look cute.. you know?haha..

This look is perfect for a School Christmas party..
Or a date out with friends..
Something casual and comfy – not too stiff but would look great for guys in school.

So I hope this one helped you guys out in choosing a look for the holidays..

Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

  STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

Huwebes, Disyembre 11, 2014

What I WORE: Casual in Red..

One day I was going over my files then I found this look shoot that I did a couple of months ago..
And yes I was wearing this RED BLAZER that is perfect for the holiday season!
So since a lot of my readers are asking for some tips or look/s that they could try wearing then I guess this is the perfect time to blog this out..

So I have a few looks to share on how you could go a little bold in red this season.. 

We have two main pieces for this look RED BLAZER & RED PANTS..

1.   So for the first look it’s the BLAZER x TANK TOP x CROPPED DENIM SHORTS

2. Our second look is the same look + fedora hat – Noticed how this look changed by just adding a hat? So sometimes accessories like such ads a huge impact to your whole look..

3. Next on our list is RED BLAZER x PRINTED SHIRT – (yes it's a throwback) this is still one of my favorites it still falls as a casual look but more appropriate for a date out with friends or a loved one. Noticed how dressy pants create that “GWAPO” vibe for guys..?

4. Now here’s a look where I’ve used both RED BLAZER x RED PANTS –kinda extreme for men but if Daniel Padilla pulled it off during the Star Magic ball then you can too! 

5. Here's how I wore those red pants a year ago during an event - Paired it with neutral tones and minimal print. 

     So that's it for now guys..
I    I hope this blog post helped..
     Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

Miyerkules, Disyembre 10, 2014

Editor's Note: Fear is REAL.

It’s been a while since our last cover was out..
and It was STALK’s first ever BEAUTY issue with Beth Faustino on the cover and my dear friend Kimberly Aguirre who was in-charge of the beauty area of the shoot..
It was also my first time to create the whole wardrobe for that said shoot..
Remember that skirt made out of plastic cover? yes that was made by yours truly,,
Now I’m so proud to tell you guys that Beth is already pregnant!
That shoot was such a blessing.. congratulations Beth!

Anyway we are off to a new start!
As we celebrate our second year as an online magazine..
we look back.. learn.. and celebrate!
When I started STALK last summer of 2012 It was just something that I’d like to do for fun..
Then I started meeting people and featuring them on the cover..
Some are my friends..
Some applied online..
Some are discoveries through facebook..
And some are people at work..
It’s TRUE that when you put your heart into something – NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.
My DREAMS are so SCARY..
Because they are soo HUGE..
But I know that in GOD’s perfect timing - everything will all fall into place.. (fingers crossed!)

So for our last hurrah we are doing another cover for all the members of the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) –
Who we’re all in shock when the news broke out about a transgender who was allegedly killed by this man from the U.S Marines..

and that thought of FEAR just became a REALITY..
that fear of not being protected by our own LAWS..
that fear on INJUSTICE..

Since last year’s cover with Jaja was about gay rights..
and since then nothing has actually changed..
GAY people are still not protected by any law..
So I hope that through our cover which tackles such issues..
We could contribute and raise an awareness about what’s going on in the country today.

Anyway I am proud to announce that the beautiful person in our cover for our year-end issue is my colleague and friend Dindz Teston who is PROUD and OUT.

More about this soo..

for now here’s the cover STALKERS!

Enjoy the cover!

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo