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Martes, Agosto 7, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Celebrations of BIRTH

This past weekend I've attended a couple of celebrations --  

Celebration of LIFE --    

Birthday of my friends (Carla, Zhane and Jam) --

Here are some portraits that I took of Carla 

Black and White though she's smiling
Colored though she's showing that poker face

Then here's another photograph that I took of Jolly (coverboy) while waiting that same day --

Then here's a portrait shot that he took in return --

Then celebration of another year of our account (work) -- 
We celebrated four years of the account --
Hoping for more years to come --
Here's that shot that I took of that bottle of alcohol that we drank that night --

Then during that night we had dinner --
celebrating my friend's birthday (Jam) --
I took this portrait of one of the waiters in that restaurant where we ate --
I just find him interesting just like all my subjects -- 

Well that's it for now --
I just wanted to show that even though our country is currently on "DISASTER" mode --
We can still celebrate simple things in LIFE -- 
Remember Life is just like a photograph --
It doesnt matter if the subject is "GARBAGE" --
If you find the right angle and the right shot -- 
It will still look perfect! --

Have a great night STALKERS! 

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