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Lunes, Hulyo 30, 2012

STALKER BLOG: The Healing (Movie)

-- Ive been blogging about Filipino films since day one of STALKER
Online Mag -- which aimed to promote the local film industry -- this is my one act for the country -- anyway I've seen the movie "The healing" yesterday with a bunch of my friends in Ortigas -- I was actually very excited to see the film when I found out that It was graded "A" by the cinema evaluation board --It just uplifts my spirit whenever a local film gets this rating -- because I know that more and more people will be encouraged to see local films and in return the industry can produce more films that we could be proud of --
-- The movie was actually available in R13 and R18 due to brutal and bloody scenes that had to be restricted for the young ones --
--The movie which starred Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu was about religion, faith and what people would do just to survive --
--The director of the said movie Chito Roño (Feng Shui, T2 etc) did
an amazing job on creating each scene as realistic as possible --
the approach of the film was realisticly scary -- realistic in the sense of being "ILL" and hopeless -- then with the final destination / feng shui death scenes this movie will surely keep you on the edge of your seats --
--watch out for the hella scary poppin eye of those doppel gangers
Im sure that this movie is worth your time and money --
Have a great flick STALKERS!

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