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Linggo, Hulyo 15, 2012

Stalker MUST try: Spicy Lemon Restaurant

This is my first “STALKER Must TRY” post here in my blog site. I normally blog about things that I recommend on facebook ( either restaurants, new clothing shop, new product or anything that could satisfy our hunger for new things to explore.  Since this year my mantra is “Focused+Fun+Fearless = YOU” for 2012 – trying new things are on top of my list. When I recommend a new restaurant to try, I have few things that I consider most.
  • ·         Value for money
  • ·         Location
  • ·         Great tasting food
  • ·         Service
  • ·         And lastly great customer experience

Spicy Lemon recently opened in South Woods, San Pedro Laguna (Philippines). This restaurant has already created a market in their said location because of their good affordable food. They do serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. The said restaurant was named Spicy Lemon because of the spices that are present in their signature dishes then Lemon for its baking counterpart.

Here’s how the place looks like. Me and my friends went there to have dinner that last night. Here are a couple of shots that I took before we finally ate ‘em all away.

“Banger’s and Mash”

"Fish and Chips"

                                                                       "Chicken Fingers"

“Baby back ribs with Mushroom rice pilaf”

                                       “Fillet of fish wrapped in Bacon with Mango Salsa”

   “Fillet of fish wrapped in Bacon with Mango Salsa”


Positive: Spicy Lemon’s Menu is creative and done with taste. It is complete from Chicken, Pork, Beef, Pasta etc. The price is truly affordable for people who would want to have a decent meal without going over the board in terms of their budget. The food is aesthetically pleasing and the taste is goes the same. The said restaurant does also serve baked goodies such as cakes and cookies that goes well with their relaxed ambiance.  

Negative: The location of the said restaurant is too far for someone who stays outside Laguna. You have to travel with a car to have a convenient travel going to the said place. It might also be hot in the afternoon since the place isn’t air-conditioned yet but anyways great job for  a business that just started! 

with the owners or Spicy Lemon

The said restaurant just had a soft opening and will surely expand as everything falls into place. Have a great dining experience STALKERS! 

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