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Lunes, Marso 10, 2014

What I WORE: “Let SUMMER begin”

                Everyone is just so excited about SUMMER.. and yes it is almost here! So the question is how do we prepare for it? Well let’s start with this “WHAT I WORE” feature that’s SUMMER inspired.
                Last week I had a friend who invited me to a party for GARAGE magazine which was themed “ALOHA COOL” – the excited me got all crazy and tried to go to the mall after gym (which was after my graveyard shift) to look around and buy something to wear for the occasion. I checked out a most of the boutiques for men in that certain mall which I won’t mention (Alabang Town Center.. lol) and I found some stuff however it was out of my budget (If you know how I shop you’d know that I am a bargain hunter.. in short “KURIPOT” haha). So we ended up buying two items – light colored pants (since I seriously need a new one) from “HUMAN”. I just can’t believe how the fit was just perfect and yet the price was very affordable. Then to put some “ALOHA COOL” flavor I bought this long sleeved polo from “MINT” – It’s still minimal something that I could use or mix n’ match. I just like the coconut tree print that’s all.                     Anyways so after spending the whole day looking for clothes to wear I've decided to take a quick nap at home then unfortunately the worst thing happened -- I woke up at 11:30pm and I ended up missing the party -- Too bad.. haha. So I just wore the whole thing yesterday to church.

                So for the whole look I used some of my old stuff from my closet to complete the whole look – like the turquoise blue espadrilles that I bought from “H&M” in Singapore last year and those cool metallic blue glasses from “FLY EYEWEAR”. Lastly I accessorized them with a white wrist watch for that fresh cool vibe.

                Again a couple of reminders – the whole look works because I did not use print over print and I made sure that If I’m using a bold color like the turquoise blue shoes and glasses then the rest of the colors should be neutral so that the color would pop out . As I always say dress up as how you want to be and as how you want to present yourself in public.

Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

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