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Linggo, Marso 2, 2014


February has been a very memorable part of most of our lives not just because of Valentine’s Day but because of high school “PROM”. It would always remind us of a lot of our firsts such as first slow dance, first love, first kiss, first I love you, first date and a lot more. Now all of these won’t be complete without looking your best on these special occasions. This is why STALK would want to make sure that guys would be at their best during such occasion.
This month we have our featured model “Jolly Bilangdal” on the cover to show us his take on how to look your best this month from classic to trendy ways of a true dapper gent. Jolly recalls how well fitted clothes do create a lot of difference in men’s wear. According to him the right fit is something that’s not too fit and not too big; it just needs a little allowance for you to be able to breathe in and move around. It is also important that your look is updated but still classy. 
We did this month’s shoot outdoors preferably on a dry rice field to create a different ambiance on this year’s first issue. We started the shoot quite late than the usual on a weekend (since I was on a deadline rush.. haha). The quick sunset did not stop us from finishing the whole shoot. It really helped that during the whole shoot our model was just so goofy around the set (as usual..). His energy is just bursting everywhere and that just made everything easy for STALK to work with him (as always.. haha). People would normally assume that a guy with good looks would normally be a stereotyped jock or just someone who’s famous because of his physical appearance. However Not too many people know that (our model) Jolly was a class salutatorian back in high school and was a recipient of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo excellence award that almost got him an opportunity to be a foreign exchange student in London however due to a travel warning back then (particularly the ABUSAYAF ISSUE) the London expedition didn’t push through. He was also very active in extracurricular activities at school and one proof is that he was a part of his batch’s student council and he was also an officer in CAT. His accomplishments never stopped in high school actually when he was in college he was also the president of Philippine Institute of chemical engineer junior chapter Mapua Institute of technology. Fame has never left him (in college) as he won Mr. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry back in 2004 and was 4th runner up in Mr. Cardinal (also in Mapua). Truly our cover guy is one role model that our youth could look up to in terms of being an overall achiever in career and in life.

Here at STALK we would always want to show our youth that looking great would only be superficial if you won’t work on your personality. The importance of dressing up is that it is a way of expressing oneself and it’s a way of packaging yourself as someone you’d want people to see. As usual we would always aim to put the “S” tyle into our TALK.

Have fun reading and browsing our first issue this 2014!

Special Thanks to our shoot assistants Lovely Rae Faundo and Kimberly Aguirre
Stalk Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

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