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Lunes, Marso 17, 2014


I’ve gone around some shops over the past weekend to check out some must have’s this coming SUMMER – I’m sure most of you guys are already planning for a summer getaway and I’m sure you guys would want to take photos of what you’re wearing that day. It’s OOTD time again!

So for my first stop. It's Forever 21 men.

I just love the fact that this shop is just affordable. I mean it’s not cheap but definitely the quality of the clothes is just great. 

They have cool printed tanks.. boat shoes and floral printed bags that are just DOPE!

Espadrilles are still very much SUMMER worthy!

Then I checked out ZARA. The good thing with this brand is that you can never go wrong with the quality and the textiles that they produce.The only thing is that the price can sometimes be too much. Anyways I found this adorable floral printed varsity jacket and i died.

Next stop is the U.K brand TOPMAN. There's no doubt that this brand is just trendy and dapper at the same time. The fit of clothes are just right for Asian guys like us. So I went around and checked out this floral printed baseball shirt and some really cool hats fit for summer.

Then I also checked out COTTON ON. This brand is just affordable and budget friendly. Perfect for STUDENTS who would want to dress their way up to SUCCESS. Anyways the sad news is that I only found these shorts cool and nothing else.(for men at least..)

There's this shop called H.E for MANGO that I checked out. They have more matured Items in their shops. The price is a little too much as well (if you are on a budget) but I could definitely tell that their goods are done with quality. So I checked them out and found this nice colored blazer which is perfect for school or for work.. or a picnic on a sunny day perhaps? and not to mention these adorable espadrilles. 

Then let's go local with a few of my favorites. First stop is OXYGEN. This brand just keeps pushing them selves to the edge with their high fashion ensembles and pieces. My favorite was this Aztec printed bag. It is just so cool. Definitely perfect for that beach outing plan of yours this SUMMER.

Next one is BENCH. I have to be honest (I love bench..) but their clothes do need a little tweaking here and there.. however the underwear designs of Bench in undeniably good and affordable. So I found some cool floral printed bags instead perfect for SUMMER classes!
 and I found some cool shoes too that you guys could use for school as well..It may not be beach friendly but i think it would look good on (bright colored) shorts too.


Then I visited PENSHOPPE as well. They normally would have good quality of long sleeved polos and jackets (that I would normally look for..) however sadly I only found some cute beach shorts that are affordable.

So this SUMMER just make sure that you guys find the right fit and a piece that fits your budget. Just buy something that is needed and necessary. Lastly just find the right amount of prints will you please? haha.. so that's it for now!

Enjoy SHOPPING Stalkers!

All photographs were taken with my phone and are only for blogging purposes.  

Louie Ray Faundo

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