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Linggo, Marso 16, 2014

Look Who's STALK'n For On Our Second Issue This 2014..

It certainly has been the craziest start of the year for me..
There's just a lot of things going on..
but to tell you guys honestly? CRAZY is something GREAT for me.
I'm really really getting used to all the workload that I have.. 
may It be work or something that I am working on for STALK.

Anyways enough about me. 
I am writing today since we are releasing the teaser of our second issue this 2014..
we have the very talented designer / blogger "YAPO" in the house.
We had this amazing shoot somewhere in Alabang.. 
and the place was just amazing! Too bad the sun was just soo harsh that day that it refrained us from shooting all over the place.
I just love shooting outdoors. The SUNLIGHT is just my best friend.

So here is the teaser for our latest shoot.

Have FUN reading STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo 

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