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Biyernes, Hunyo 5, 2015

Look Who’s STALK’n On Our Next Issue “Mike & Gab”

Well we all know that there’s such a thing as FOREVER..
It’s FOREVER SUMMER in the PHILIPPINES! Haha.. (I apologize for the sarcasm)
But that’s actually a good thing.. why?
What would be the use of all our crazy beautiful BEACHES if it’s raining..?
Anyway we’d like to say that SUMMER is EXTENDED as we bring you Mike & Gab Angeles on our next issue..
We will share with you more of our quick trip to their home in Quezon city as we’ve done a quick raid on their closet..
Seen their workout haven..
And met their dogs “KINDER” and “JJ”

I’d like to thank my STYLIST and former cover girl DINDZ TESTON (@dindz_teston) for helping us shoot this comeback of MIKE for STALK..
And now he’s with his brother GAB who lost a whole lot of weight..
I’ll tell you more about this awesome shoot and their WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS when we unveil the cover (in a few days..)

So here’s the teaser of our upcoming issue..
I’d like to apologize to GAB as I have included that candid of him trying to make KINDER settle down..

Hope you guys enjoyed browsing through the mag!



Louie Ray Faundo

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