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Sabado, Abril 26, 2014


It has been four months since I started handling my own team (which consists of 15 people..) and I still feel blessed and overwhelmed that what I have been dreaming 7 years ago has finally happened.

That is why I believe that we all are “LIVING our OWN DREAMS”              

Somewhere in the past we all have dreamt of huge and small SUCCESSES in our LIVES..
 and believe it or not some of those DREAMS are already happening right NOW..
like how we dreamt of having our own air-condition when we we’re kids (since it’s really humid here in the Philippines..) because sleeping during summer is just crazy.

or how we dreamt of having our own house..

or JOB?


Or even find our one GREAT LOVE.                                 

And because of this I just feel THANKFUL that GOD lives in our FUTURE..
and he has gotten all of these amazing PLANS for us.

So since it’s HOLY WEEK I just felt like it’s timely to just go away and have our own little adventure..

Be AWAY.. REPENT and perhaps experience the LIFE without distractions..

and just be in the presence of GOD’s creations.

Just like how it is in SURVIVOR. Haha

I remember growing up in a place where HOLY WEEK is just BORING.. (I mean as a KID..)
I just don’t get why aren’t we allowed to PLAY?
It didn’t really make sense..
Until last year when I started attending “THE FEAST”..
It changed the way I look at things and I had a deeper understanding of my own Catholic Faith.
It helped me in a HUGE way.
So I found out that HOLY WEEK is not just about MOURNING..
It is remembering GOD’s unconditional LOVE for us.
That there’s this amazing guy who LOVED us so much and he gave his LIFE for US.

So we travelled without a car.
We camped overnight and ate simple food.
Swam and enjoyed the company of eachother.
Anyway here are some of my shots during our little trip.

Have fun reading and browsing over the photographs STALKERS!

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