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Huwebes, Hunyo 12, 2014


I was NEVER the SPORTY type.
but NOT sporty.
but not with SPORTS.
It could be because of the fact that I had really BAD EXPERIENCES with sports..
And I easily get injured..
It was just not for ME.

Well I am writing this blog not because of sharing my past with sports but because I hated the fact that the only shoes I had back then for everything was my PAIR of BASKETBALL SHOES.
Well not that I am complaining. Haha
It was just NOT ME.
Baggy tops + Basketball shoes + huge denim pants .. ? CRAZY!

So here’s a look that I came up with that we guys could wear with our RUBBER SHOES in a more fashionable way (Just so that you won’t look like you just got out off the court) haha.
So I paired this RUNNING SHOES of mine with some PRINTED SOCKS..
Then I chose to wear this cute SHORTS from (Folded & Hung) then this old KNITTED SWEATER from (Regatta)and this long-sleeved shirt under just to create that PREPPY JOCK look.
I just had to make sure that the details don’t over power each other.
The technique is BOLD PRINTS + MICRO PRINTS..
Choice of COLOR is also IMPORTANT.
So for this look I chose BLUE as the one TONE that would make it more PUT-TOGETHER.
And oh lastly some NERDY GLASSES and that GOLD wrist watch (Casio) --which is a come back..silver is just becoming too overrated in the accessories world.. and that's to complete the whole look.

Have FUN dressing up STALKERS!

Louie Ray Faundo  

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