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Miyerkules, Oktubre 8, 2014


“BEAUTY is a CHARACTERISTIC that provides a perceptual experience of SATISFACTION or PLEASURE”

This is exactly how BEAUTY is defined by the dictionary..
It did not say that you have to be BLACK or WHITE..
or THIN..
It did not even mention any specific detail on our FACE..
Yet a lot of us DON’T FEEL BEAUTIFUL inside and out..
Which does not make any SENSE..

A month and a half ago I saw this music video entitled “PRETTY HURTS”..
a perfect VISUAL of how PERFECTION is becoming a DISEASE of our NATION..
which I blogged about..
and It’s pretty fascinating that a lot of women felt the same way growing up..
and I knew from that point that our next issue should be about BEAUTY..
An issue that will INSPIRE women to embrace their INNER BEAUTY..

Then I had that VISION..
I knew that It’s time for my good friend KIM to be on the SPOTLIGHT..
I’ve known KIM since college and I’ve seen how she has evolved from the SIMPLE girl who does not seem to care about how she looks like to a woman of BEAUTY and SUBSTANCE..
She has been doing MAKE-UP for quite some time and has collaborated with STALK with some of our previous issues..   
She shared with us that did not feel BEAUTIFUL when she was growing up -- which greatly affected her SELF-ESTEEM..
Because of this thinking she thought that she would NOT be able to reach her DREAMS at all..
Looking back at how things we’re before she realized that she was NOT UGLY after all..
She adds..
“Di pa lang USO beauty ko nun”      

which is hard to maintain and needs to be BALANCED.
She shares that in order for her to CONQUER this mindset of being UNPRETTY she had to SURROUND herself with BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE with HUMBLE HEARTS..
And lastly your own FAMILY who would always PUSH you up no matter what..
And through this BEAUTY issue I am sure that GOD’s purpose is for KIM is to 

“INSPIRE others who refuse to believe in their TRUE BEAUTY”

Let’s get to know more about our COVER GIRL:

“I never imagined myself posing for a magazine like this”

This was our cover girl’s reaction when she saw the final layout for the cover.. (which ofcourse made us soo happy.. haha)
Beth is a common friend of mine through STALK’s previous plus size cover girl Daryl Brecio..  
I bumped into her again 27weeks ago during Daryl’s wedding..
Her radiant skin..
Beautiful face..
And inviting aura made us feel that she is a cover girl material..

Whenever I meet a potential model for STALK I would immediately have a VISION..
Yeah! Kinda like Proffessor X (X-men) or Alice (Twilight Saga).. haha!
I would have a view of the future..
then the models FACE..
and then FIREWORKS happen!
This is exactly how it happened when I saw BETH..

So we asked her on her thoughts about BEAUTY..
She adds..

“Being beautiful is being confident.. it is showing who you really are without any pretentions, inhibitions and it’s all about ACCEPTING what GOD gave you”

she maintains this perfect skin by going to a dermatologist atleast once a month..
Her BEAUTY must-haves would be a FACIAL WASH..
she also suggests HYDRATING your skin by drinking lots of water..
For MAKE-UP she prefers a CHEEK TINT, LIPBALM and FACE POWDER on a regular day..

So I hope that this issue may conclude that at the end of the day..

“YOU just got to be YOU”

Enjoy LIFE for you are GOD’s wonderful creation and that you are PATTERNED in his LIKENESS..

YOU will always be WONDERFUL!

May GOD bless us ALL!
Enjoy reading STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

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