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Lunes, Setyembre 29, 2014

What I WORE: Animal Print On Guys..

A couple of months ago I saw this friend of mine who was wearing a LEOPARD printed pants from Forever 21 men..
And I started to ask myself “Can I pull this look off?”..
My mind was screaming NOOOOOO.. haha
but I got challenged..
can men pull off an ANIMAL PRINT?
my answer today is YES..
but this is not the kind of animal print that women wear..
it’s more of a PHOTO PRINT..
Anyway let me show you instead..

I bought this TANK from a bazaar near my office for a very cheap price..
because I like the SWAG of this shirt and the QUALITY as well..

So for today’s look I’m wearing this dark blue SPORTY JACKET matched with TROUSERS with the same color..
paired the whole look with this cool RUBBER SHOES (Topman) ..
lastly I added some ACCESSORIES such as EYE GLASSES and a WRISTWATCH to complete the whole look..

So that’s it for this week’s what I wore feature..
Just remember that when using OVERPOWERING PRINTS on your outfit ensure that there are minimal stuff that’s going on with the whole look..
Like how I made sure that the jacket and pants are in the SAME SHADE and how the COLORS of the shoes won’t go against the whole point of this look..   

Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

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