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Linggo, Marso 8, 2015

STALK FEATURE: How To Ace A Pageant Shoot

It is such a privilege to actually be trusted to shoot this pageant that we have at work..

Being a manager at work is a totally different story but the fact that I have this outlet to share my talent with the company that I chose to work for just feels amazing..

Anyway since summer is coming up I figured that it's time to post these shots from our fun at work activity called A**Y Beach Bodies (I apologize if I cant mention the name of the company here due to.. never mind haha!)

but I'd like give you guys a few pointers on how you could ace a shoot (esp if you guys are working with an amazing photographer??! haha.. kiddin!)  

So let's start with the head shots..

·         PREPARE.
o   It's time that you become the king / queen of SELFIE by practicing with a mirror or your phone.. have a hair cut.. and make sure you are on your best look by sleeping
·         LEARN MAKE-UP
o   You can’t expect the pageant to give you the best make-up artist (vice versa) you cant expect the make up artist to bring stuff that suits your complexion
o   For guys learn the art or concealing (it’s less complicated for us so be happy.. haha) 
·         SMIZE
o   Take it from TYRA – smile with your eyes and make your eyes do the talking
·         MOVE
o   You have to give tour photographer VARIETY bymoving your head a little.. chin up here and chin down there.. look to your right..look to your left etc.
·          TALK
o   A model with a great personality has most likely a bigger chance of winning than someone who looks perfect but can’t survive a small chit-chat with the people he/she works with
·         BE YOURSELF (your best self atleast)
o   We all know that we could smell a faker a few meters away so don’t fake it.. be real and have fun! 

and here are the rest of the shots!

Enjoy browsing everyone. 


Louie Ray Faundo

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