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Linggo, Setyembre 23, 2012

STALKER BLOG: The mistress movie review

           After a long wait I’ve finally seen “The Mistress” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo directed by the award winning director Olivia Lamasan.  The said movie is the 10th anniversary presentation of the John Lloyd /Bea team up.
I have to admit that hearing about this movie made me excited since I know how superb the whole cast is, however the title itself gave me an idea that it’s another “mistress themed movie” and what could be new? But I was wrong.  It was so realistic and it hit all the right emotions in me. There were four main characters in the movie mainly Bea (Sari), John Lloyd (JD/ Eric), Hilda and Ronaldo’s (Rico), in which each of their stories was beautifully written. Each of the characters in the story were all written in such a way that you’d see both their good and bad sides. I loved the fact that the mistress has another meaning as to a female master cutter ( I think that was just brilliant..). It was a whole different take on a mistress themed movie. Precisely different from the “Maricel Soriano’s” movie “A love story” – I just loved how there were scenes that were unpredictable in a very realistic setting (like the part where Bea told Ronaldo that she went out with John Lloyds character..) to tell you honestly I expected a bigtime slap – Instead I felt a big punch from within when Ronaldo’s character said “Ano ba ang karapatan mo, Kerida lang kita” – I think that was superb.
I liked how there were scenes that were funny just enough to give us time to breathe in between each heavy scenes – and also that this movie felt like a poem wherein people would have different reactions and emotions towards each line and the ending itself – Here are some of the memorable lines..
“Layuan mo ang asawa ko, tagalong yan para maintindihan mo”
“Ang daming dahilan kung bakit di kita dapat mahalin, per may isang dahilan kung bakit hindi ko yun magawa, MAHAL KITA, yun lang yon.”
“Hindi mo malalaman na may kulang hangang may dumating na magpupuno”
Now I’d like to talk more about my take on the ending which is pretty interesting and clever. As the movie was ending I heard one of the people that I watched it with say that “they ended up together” – and I was surprised because I thought the other way around. . I asked myself how in the world?
 For me they ended up as the same as how everything was between the Ronaldo “Benefactor”, Bea “Mistress” and Hilda “Wife” – but since Ronaldo’s character died, JD (John Lloyd) ended up hiding his relationship with Bea while being a good son to Hilda. I asked myself how in the world? So let me explain how –
It all started when John Lloyd’s character JD said
·         “I can’t be a perfect man, but I choose to be a good man like the way my father was”
I feel like they were still secretly together and he does need to keep it a secret because it’s the right thing to do so that his mother won’t get furious about it.
·         Then remember the scene where his laptop showed the “date”? Thursday (and whatever date it was)
·         Then Bea saw John Lloyd looking outside the window with sadness and longing in their eyes
It was because “Thursday” is Bea’s day with Ronaldo and as respect for John Lloyd’s dad they can’t be together on that said day – and off course the rest of the days were all theirs to share.  
                Well that’s how I see things after watching the movie, I suggest you watch it for yourself (its worth all your time and money) and let me know your take about the ending and the film itself.

Have fun reading STALKERS! 

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