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Linggo, Setyembre 2, 2012


           A wardrobe is one of the most important things that a man nowadays need. It is no longer a want – but it is a need. Everyone needs to look good for certain occasions – for a date and for everything else. How you dress yourself is a visual manifestation of your personality. I am sure that everyone wants to have that “first impression” to be perfect. 
            So I made a simple list of a “MUST” have for every man’s wardrobe. Five important things that a man should have to start dressing up and to build that perfect impression.

1.    Plain White Long-sleeved Polo
·         This shirt has been long used by politicians during campaigns of regular visits – why? It simply is because white symbolises purity/ cleanliness and it makes a man look “POGI” (a Filipino term we use for someone who looks great) – plain white shirt or polo shirt is also a casual alternative.

2.    Perfect Fitting Denim Jeans
·         A man’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without this timeless piece. Once you have that perfect fitting pair it can go with anything you put with it.

3.    Perfect Neutral Shoe
·         TOPSIDER – you could choose from brown and dirty white and this shoe will surely be great for school or office. There are a lot of brands to choose from one good brand to invest in is “SEBAGO” – It’s pricey (but hey come on how many times will you have to buy a shoe?) – for budget friendly ones you could check Bench, Happy Feet and a lot more.
·         LOAFERS – this shoe is perfect for that smart casual/ preppy look that men are aiming for.
·         SNEAKERS – a white pair of this shoe would be great for a stroll around the mall and other casual gatherings as well.

4.    Black Shirt
·         Remember “Jacob” from the Twilight series? This was an instant iconic casual look for men – perfect as it is with Aviator glasses – and great for any jacket or blazer especially that black leather jacket. You guys could check ZARA for a little pricey purchase of for cheaper versions – We have Bench and Folded and Hung.

5.    Wrist Watch
·         The last “must have” was such a headache to begin with – It could be shorts, eye wear, belt and under wear or a lot of things – but the wrist watch for me won! Why? It is because a watch symbolizes being “On time” – people would perceive someone wearing this item as someone who cares about what time it is, which makes you look like you are goal oriented. And lastly men really don’t wear a lot of accessories. They only care about comfort so wearing a watch is a need that can make you look great and set that perfect impression all at the same time.
·         I suggest choosing the color first – neutral tones like black, white or brown should be the first amongst your list when purchasing that wrist watch. You would want this piece to match your every look. Then you choose weather its plastic, metal or leather (should at least match your personality and age).
·         Then check your budget (come on you only need a couple in your life so choose something that’s worth it)
o   For budget friendly go with “TOMATO” watches – definitely looks good. Prices start at P500.00 only.
o   Then you could check BENCH time they have great watches that could start with a thousand then goes to P8,000++ - and it’s a great value for your money.
o   TIMEX / GUESS watches are also a great with leather and the price range is affordable but the materials are real good.
o   For people in school with budget you could go for “ODM” – It is really cool and stylish.
o   Go for Kenneth Cole for high end pieces.

Remember that looking good is not just a “want” but a “need” – so make sure you spend your money wisely by purchasing something that’s worth your hard earned dime.  

That’s it for now.

Have a fun shopping STALKERS! 

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