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Lunes, Setyembre 17, 2012

What I WORE: Bench Underwear and Denim Fasion Show 2012

Well since I was not sure If  i'd have the tickets on the said show,  I wasnt able to prepare much for the event -- So I just took this striped long sleeved polo that I bought from Thailand + that Grey pants and that blue suede shoes that my mom bought me -- 
In choosing clothes that I wear for a day Id normally stick with 3colors max -- one bright and the rest are neutral (either black, grey, white or brown) -- If ever id put a print on the match -- I would never wear a loud print with another loud print -- (why?) people nowadays are so hooked up with fashion that they break the rules and follow people who pair pattern on patterns -- but this does not look good on everyone -- so my suggestion is to know what makes u look good -- because at the end of the day you just dont want to look "cool" but also "GREAT LOOKING" --

Have dun dressing up STALKERS!

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