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Linggo, Enero 19, 2014

What I WORE: Casual Sporty Look

                       I used to hate Sundays.. for the main reason that It's the day that reminds me that I only have a couple of hours left before the weekend is over and for the same reason that Monday is coming. 
                       The GREAT news is that I am over that idea now.. Sunday is my most awaited day of the week.. and that is because of my renewed faith as a Catholic through #TheFeast with Bo Sanchez. It just nourishes my spirit and gets me prepared for the coming week. Anyways here's what I wore yesterday for our "SUNDATE" --

                             So I've decided to go for a sporty casual look -- starting off with this blue knitted top from Gap (courtesy of my dear friend John Saavedra.. Thank you haha..) then I paired it with this Maroon chino pants that I got from Bangkok and lastly this red David Beckham Adidas shoes (courtesy of my ever thoughtful relatives from the U.S) then accessories -- White bold wrist watch from Unlisted by Kenneth Cole and these amazing glasses from the streets of the metro haha.. 
                             Well this is the first time that I've tried wearing red pants on red shoes but it just proves that trying out new things does payoff most of the time. Just always make sure that you purchase the right fit and it will definitely look good on you. The stripes on my top just creates that broad shoulder look that guys would normally go for and it makes you focus on the upper body and not the belly. So for my figure conscious readers it is important that we wear something that would help us look great despite the hidden bulges here and there.

(special thanks to my lil sister "Lovely" for taking this amazing photographs)

So that's it for this weeks What I WORE..

Have fun reading STALKERS!

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Louie Ray Faundo

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