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Linggo, Enero 4, 2015

EDITORIAL: Gay Ok. (Volume II Issue VI)

As the year 2014 bids goodbye..
We would like to kick things with BAM!
So for our last hurrah and our anniversary issue we made an alternate cover to really help us voice out what we mean with this issue..
And that is that being GAY is OK..

There would probably be a lot of critics who’s argue with this STATEMENT..
But this is not for you folks..
This is for all the young boys and girls out there who are SCARED..
And probably feeling that GOD made them different in a bad way..

We have created this issue not to tolerate but to make these folks feel that it is ok..
But you’ve got a lot to PROVE..
You have to work harder..
You have to be TOUGHER!
You have to be SMARTER..
Not because of your DETRACTORS..
But because of your PARENTS..
And because GOD made you in his OWN likeness..
You are a son/daughter of GOD..
And if there’s one message that GOD has for you in the BIBLE..
It is that HE LOVES YOU..
No MATTER who you are..

We have on our cover one guy who has gained people’s RESPECT..
Because of his DISCIPLINE and PASSION..
At work and for ART..
It’s Charlston Teston a.k.a “DINDZ”
People may know him as the D.I.Y queen.. (check out his instagram account..haha)
As he has created a lot of fashionable stuff himself..
From bags to clothes and accessories..
He never fails to get it done..

Anyway I asked him a couple of questions and found out that he kinda figured out that he’s gay back in gradeschool -- and since he’s a momma’s boy and have 2 sisters to play with all the time which made his whole evolution easier..  
Growing up as a gay kid was never easy as he also had numerous ups and downs but what’s important is the support system that he had found in his family and friends that made him the person that he is now.
This SUPPORT SYSTEM from family and friends that he had made him so thankful..

“I couldn’t COMPLAIN”

Dindy’s parents we’re supportive enough to understand that he is different in a good way..

“There was no COMING OUT PARTY. Maybe they just understood it.”  

When asked about how he dealt with BULLIES he mentioned that it is always a part of growing up..
All the PAIN is a part of every individual’s GROWTH..
What he did instead is FOCUS all his ENERGY on sports instead like volleyball..
Such venue is important to pre-occupy those awkward stages in his life.
His message for those kids who are SCARED and UNCERTAIN on their individuality..
“EMBRACE your INDIVIDUALITY – raise and waive your freak flag ON all the time”

Let’s talk about your STYLE:
Dindy’s style icons are Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) – Carrie influenced her style choices and OBSESSION in SHOES..
She also adores Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie for their BOHO CHIC-ness and lastly Rihanna for being RISQUE & FEARLESS!
Since we are assuming that you we’re dressing up as a boy wayback –I’m sure our readers would love to know when did you start dressing up like this.

“It was right after ROTC in college wayback when I started dressing up like this”

Dindz would define her style as GLAMMED UP STREET STYLE – like GHETTO FABULOUS..
Which sometimes depend on her mood..
According to our cover girl people would sometimes speculate when they see her but as long as he is comfortable in her own skin then he does not care.

·         BALLET FLATS

Well we heard about your promotion at work! (Congratulations! Haha ofcourse I was your mentor haha..)
He shared that it took a lot of DISCIPLINE and SELF-CHECK / REALIZATION..
And plus she just loves what she’s doing..

So that’s it for 2014’s last hurrah!
I had so much fun over our second year..
And I’m looking forward to the next 365 days of creating art and touching people’s lives through my style and photography..


STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

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