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Biyernes, Oktubre 5, 2012

Saw then Share: Emma Stone lookin very chic in Paris..

Awesome actress, endorser and covergirl Emma Stone looked very stylish and chic in Paris -- she wore this tweed jacket + collared top + denim pants and nude flats --
The reason why I blogged about this outfit of hers is because she really knew how to emphasize a garment -- Its all simple make sure the rest of your pieces are neutral (and plain as much as possible) and put on that fashion week piece and I'm sure you'll stand out without lookin messy all over -- "Less is MORE"   
anyway she came to Paris for Fashion week but she made sure to check out the "Musée Rodin" which featured amazing sculptures of such great artists (E.g "Auguste Rodin") -- 

Have fun dressing up STALKERS!

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