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Linggo, Oktubre 28, 2012

STALKER LOCAL FILM FEATURE: “Tiktik; The Aswang Chronicles”

                 The first time I saw the trailer of the movie “Tiktik; The Aswang Chronicles” I told myself that “this is it”. It was something that I immediately looked forward to. I just believe in the Filipino talent so much that I knew this day would come.
We have produced such great horror flicks in the past such as “Feng Shui”, “Sukob”, “The Healing”, “Sigaw” (which had its Hollywood version) and the recent “The Road” which was acclaimed as the first Pinoy film to be shown in Hollywood in just plain “subtitle”. 
Before watching the film I already heard how good the movie was, I just needed to see it for myself so that I could attest to it. Now let me start this blog by saying that the whole movie that was shot in pure “chroma” and was done with great visual effects. The whole movie was just visually entertaining! The set and effects on the settings was superb without losing the Pinoy ambiance.
Now about the actors – When I first heard that it was Joey Marquez my expectations with the acting went down – but I was wrong. The whole cast was superb! – from Ding Dong Dantes to Lovi Poe – to the supporting cast Joey Marquez and Janice De Belen – and Roy Vinzon was just epic! (he really looked great in this movie despite the age) – the humor and the thrill was just gripping that it will keep you locked upon the whole film. I would have to give credit to the writer and the producer of the said film because of the fact that the story did not suffer against the visual effects. One more thing that I liked upon the said film was the fact that it was gore without going overboard.
Along the movie you guys would definitely see a lot of endorsements – but how they used Boy Bawang was just brilliant! (this I guess is just important since the film makers rally needed a whole lot of budget to make this happen). The post production was done for a whole year not to mention the whole shooting time.
                The whole movie overall was great I would definitely give it a 9 ½ (since it could still improve in some very small aspects..) – I am sure that it will entertain you in all aspects!

and guess what it comes with an illustrated novel..

Have fun reading STALKERS!

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