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Linggo, Oktubre 14, 2012


I was recently moved by a campaign Ad of a famous eyewear called “Ray Ban” with their tag line “NEVER HIDE” – I must say that we all live in a world where cyberspace has been a part of our lives and freedom has reign in all sort of forms. Bullies are now more powerful in the world of cyber space and most people would not care enough if they destroy an image of someone just to share what they want. A life where “LIKE” is an important word but not kept with the word such as “RESPONSIBLE” – I have once tried to say what I want in the cyber world and share  what I think and my thoughts of someone whom I never know – It was a poor judgement but I learnt for it.                        
                We all live in a world where people can now hear us. That if what you think is what everyone does it becomes “TRENDING” in the world of twitter-- Where talents can now be seen and acknowledged though a small tube for the next fifteen minutes and can simply change a person’s life – It is simply called youtube.          
                We have people who have an army of believers by having their own space and say what they want without being physically there – either through fashion, cooking, baking, poetry or photography – they can easily become a prophet and have people follow them – Which is what we call a BLOGGER.
                “NEVER HIDE” is a pretty powerful word – It can either be positive or negative in the way people would perceive it – but for me it simply says “BE YOURSELF” and let people see what God gave you – and how he has created you. You may be different or you may want something different – but it doesn’t mean that you are – I once heard a line from a movie that “Being abnormal now is normal” – I say it isn’t normal (because you are not like everyone else) but it is rather common.
                When I was in my early years I just wanted to be like everyone else – but no matter how I try “I ‘am not like everyone else” – and now that I’ve come of age – I am pretty happy that I have not ended like everyone else. I am unique and God has created me and everyone else to be like one. To create their own path with the gift that they are provided and do what is right – or simply do everything with “RESPONSIBILITY”.
                I say let’s come out and prove to the world that we are different and being one is ok. Let’s harness and improve so that one day we will be able to prove ourselves -- and leave the world without ever leaving it.
Have a great Monday STALKERS!

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