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Lunes, Oktubre 22, 2012


Mesa in Filipino means "TABLE" --and what should we see on a table? of course it should be FOOD -- not just ordinary food but GREAT PINOY FOOD -- and it can be found in "MESA" -- great affordable food for everyone who loves to dine out..
                    You guys should try their epic "Laing 2 ways" -- for those who don't know what laing is -- it is a famous dish from Bicol made out of TARO leaves or "dahon ng gabi" cooked in coconut milk and chili. Both versions were awesome -- It was one of the best ones that I've tasted -- 
One version was cooked in plain oil (I guess?) and the other one in the classic "GATA" or "Coconut Milk" -- It was only for P160.00 -- what a great deal right? 
you guys could also try their "Pochero" (P365.00) -- then Boneless Tilapia served in four crazy sauces made composed of vinegar, shrimp paste and sweet chili sauce (P320.00)-- there's  also this Boneless Crispy Pata -- the good thing about this is that it is served with the bones cooked on the side (P480.00) -- 
 Our overall bill was just P1948.18 and there's like five of us -- (not bad right?) 

Anyway we guys only deserve the best food! 

The Laing and the Boneless Crispy Pata was not in the photo because we we're all just hungry.. lol

Have fun eating STALKERS!

ME and My beloved FRIENDS

Boneless Tilapia in 4 sauces

Boneless Tilapia in 4 sauces



Photographs Louie Ray Faundo

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