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Lunes, Nobyembre 5, 2012

STALKER OPTIONS: Forever 21 Men..

It's the time of the year where cold breeze is around and there are all these lights everywhere because its the HOLIDAYS! -- So I went out to check some of the things that you could use for the cold season -- 
BOOTS -- are so much in during this season! It is just perfect whether its cold or its raining -- It protects your feet and Its fashionable! Saw them on the same shop for P2540.00++

JACKETS - So I checked out the ones that are on sale and they where pretty good! Try this grey checkered british looking jacket for P1389.00 -- or this Thick Cardigan only for P1079.00 -

SCARVES -- are just a perfect staple on a Holiday -- Its functional and its a great accesory for every men -- just make sure to choose something that fits your personality -- try these neutral one and the one with a dash of color -- Its a little expensive but its definitely worth its price -- each are P685.00 and above --

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