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Linggo, Nobyembre 4, 2012

What I WORE: Denim on Denim..

Denim has been a laid back fashion staple during the past couple of decades and it has never gone out of style -- but now that denim has been trasformed by time as skirt, blazer, jacket and a whole lot more -- there are times when a denim on denim is too much --

Just like what Justin and Britney wore a couple of years back.. this has been named as one of the worst denim on denim looks to date..

and here's one laid back look from my style Icon Zac Efron sportin that Denim on Denim look..

Here's what I tried over the past All Saints Day -- my denim coat matched with denim stretch jeans -- paired with blue suede loafer shoes and blue pinstriped polo and accessorized with a white wrist watch then brown belt -- the dark blue hue of both denim top and bottom will surely make you look taller -- 

This look could be worn on a casual meeting in the office -- a date or even just a normal stroll in the mall.. -- classic and definitely comfortable 

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