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Miyerkules, Agosto 20, 2014


I recently saw the video of Beyonce’s visual album entitled “PRETTY HURTS”..
and it is true that every music video is an EXPERIENCE..
and it took me back to the CORE REASON on why I’ve created STALK..
It is because I want my PHOTOGRAPHY to SPEAK to the my AUDIENCE..
I want the readers to realize that everyone has that unique BEAUTY that should be exposed..
so that I could NEUTRALIZE what is being shown by our MEDIA of how BEAUTY is defined..
that you should be WHITE skinned to be BEAUTIFUL..
that you should have LIPS like Angelina Jolie..
that you should have a BODY like Channing Tatum..
just to be called BEAUTIFUL.

I remember back in high school when I was as huge as a cow and I felt UGLY..

I started looking at magazines and I felt more UGLY..
I started noticing my NOSE..
my EARS..
my LIPS..
and my huge FACE..
and this is when DEPRESSION starts to kick in..
and this is when PARENTS should start to come in..
and help their kids realize that they are BEAUTIFUL..
so that they would not let the WORLD dictate who is BEAUTIFUL and WHO’s NOT..
but what if the PARENTS are too BUSY to notice?
and what if the FRIEND of your child is either BULIMIC or ANOREXIC?
that’s when the PROBLEM starts..
and I’ve also faced this issue back in college..
(yeah I was a victim of this too..)
there was a time that I felt really really FAT even if in REALITY I’m already beyond THIN..
I was aiming for PERFECTION..
and the crazy thing is that NO ONE is PHYSICALLY PERFECT..
even Kim Kardashian is INSECURE..
that is why I believe that..
“BEAUTY is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER”

here are some of the back issues of STALK which tried to change how BEAUTY is defined..

Plus Size is SEXY
Pregnant Women are HOT

Last week my boss asked me this..
The exact question in the BEYONCE video..

“What is your aspiration in LIFE?”

This question was in my head the whole time after watching the video..

 as a PHOTOGRAPHER /Editor In Chief of STALK I would want to CHANGE the way that we SEE things..

I want to showcase DIVERSITY in BEAUTY..

I’d like to collaborate with people who are could INSPIRE my READERS to be BETTER..

not to CHANGE themselves but to help bring out the BEST in them..

I’d like to show people how FASHION could help bring out the BEST in us..

I ASPIRE to help PROMOTE our LOCAL films..

I’d like to show everyone how BEAUTIFUL LIFE is..

and how much BEAUTIFUL  it could be when GOD is in our LIVES..

I’d like to FIGHT for GAY RIGHTS just because we are GOD’s wonderful CREATION..

and all of these I’d like to do in GOD’s TIME..

now my question and challenge to everyone is..  

“What is your aspiration in LIFE?”

we are all created in the LIKENESS of GOD..

we  are built for GREATNESS..

don’t WASTE it..

GO out there and show the WORLD who you TRULY are..

and I’m sure our FATHER will pave the way for you.

may GOD BLESS us all.

STALK Editor-In-Chief
Louie Ray Faundo

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