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Linggo, Agosto 31, 2014


We often get SCARED of CHANGES..
because we’re used to being around our COMFORT ZONES..
when we we’re BORN, our mother’s WOMB was our first ever COMFORT ZONE..
(learned this from BO Sanchez..)
imagine your FOOD already chewed for you..
the PERFECT TEMPERATURE inside your mom’s tummy..
It’s like PARADISE..
but the moment that the BABY gets EVICTED inside the mother’s WOMB..
CHANGE happens..
you would suddenly FEEL the COLD temperature in the operating room..
BRIGHT LIGHTS that seems too harsh for your SMALL EYES..
then that TAP on your DELICATE BUTT by that NURSE..
It is just TERRIBLE..
that’s when we START CRYING..
but as HOURS..
and WEEKS pass by..
we get USED to that CHANGE..
and that’s when we START GROWING..
that’s my POINT..

“In order for you to GROW you have to get out of that WOMB and EXPERIENCE CHANGE”

Let me tell you a story of our HAIR STYLIST named JOVY..
Jovy has been a hairstylist of a famous salon (in the south..) for 18 years..
most of that salon’s clients are coming back because of his amazing SERVICE..
he can do crazy TRANSPORMATIONS with your hair..
and this is why the clients love him..
but one day he had a terrible argument with his boss due to some misunderstandings..
which led a TERRIBLE week of BAD VIBES..
and as he reached his PATIENCE limit..
he decided to QUIT..
his wife got FURIOUS because of the fact that they have KIDS to FEED..
and this SCARED them both so much..
but instead of WORRYING..
JOVY decided to START on his OWN..
he opened up a small SALON near their place..
which ATE up all their SAVINGS..
the first couple of weeks are the SCARIEST part of this drastic CHANGE..
but a month and a half later he got surprised that most of his LOYAL customers started calling him for his SERVICE..
and the WORD of MOUTH of how good he is with what he does spread slowly around..
and SLOWLY his business STARTED GROWING..
Now JOVY is finally HAPPY because he’s no longer SCARED..
He’s much STRONGER now..
all because he got out of his COMFORT ZONE..

Sometimes GOD gives us crazy TRIALS..
not because of PUNISHMENT..
but because he wants us to LEARN..
and to GROW..
just remember that TRIALS would always AIM to STRENGTHEN us..
makes us CLOSER to our FAMILIES and FRIENDS..
and most importantly it makes us CLOSER to GOD..

Enjoy your AMAZING MONDAY Stalkers!

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

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