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Miyerkules, Agosto 6, 2014


“NOT just any BODY”

Gone are the days where our bodies are all NATURAL..
Nowadays SCIENCE plays a big part on how are BODIES look like..
WHITENING products..
WEIGHT LOSS products..
DERM clinics..
We can’t tell what’s NATURAL from the ENHANCED..
So for our fourth issue we’ve decided to show that NATURAL is BEAUTIFUL..
And what BETTER way to do that is to have our first ever BODY issue..
This month’s cover boy will INSPIRE us to be HEALTHY and LIVE life to the fullest by being DISCIPLINED in EATING CLEAN and burning FAT the right way.. 
So let’s strip him down and get to know more of his story..
He tells STALK his road to WEIGHT LOSS during our ROADTRIP down SOUTH..
TOFFEE’s real name is Christopher Tenedero..
He was born and raised Tarlac..
This guy has been doing freelance modeling in RIYADH on his spare time..
He confesses that his BROKEN HEART led him into LOSINGWEIGHT..
It’s all about REVENGE at first..
The basic HUMAN REACTION to pain is to GET EVEN..
As they say REVENGE is best served COLD..
He says
“I will be hot like other guys and I will ignore you when I get this hot body”
Sounds familiar right?
Well he started feeling SLUGGISH and felt TIRED when he moves around..
and he felt more FRUSTRATED as he saw himself in photographs..
he knew that the guy in the photo was not the guy that he wanted to be..
so he started to RUN every night right after work..
Then as soon as he started losing his gut he felt the need to TONE his body..
So he enrolled in a GYM and started gaining MORE RESULTS..

The thing that I admire about this guys is his dedication in CLEAN EATING..
So let’s talk about DIET..
What people really see when they see the word diet..
but what we guys don’t realize is that losing weight is all about CALORIE COUNT + CALORIES BURNT..
it’s crazy that TOFFEE and I had the same story in WEIGHT LOSS and we were born on the same month and date (except that he’s older! Haha..)
well this guy SLOWED DOWN on the HEAVY stuff..
like RICE.. (and I see the PANIC in the eyes of my readers)
well you may opt to cook BROWN or RED rice which is full of FIBER and is easily digested by our tummy..
but yes, you have to stop eating too much carbs and replace them with PROTEIN..
like FISH..
LEAN CHICKEN meat.. etc.
and don’t forget the DAILY DOSE of FRUITS and VITAMINS.. 
then the LIQUID intake..
He drinks a lot of LEMON WATER..
And when he feels HUNGRY in between meals?
He brings out a stash of DRIED FRUITS..
That way he wouldn’t be too hungry when the next meal time comes..
Yes.. SNACKING helps.

The bottom line of this issue is that our BODY reflects our DISCIPLINE..
And that we need to STAY HEALTHY in order to LIVE a GOOD LIFE..
Just remember that HEALTHY is the new RICH..
So I hope that this has inspired you guys to go back or to START running..
May It be for REVENGE from a HEARTBREAK or just to fit inside those pants..

Enjoy the GREAT LIFE Stalkers!

STALK Editor-In-Chief

Louie Ray Faundo

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