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Huwebes, Mayo 14, 2015


BAPTISM could mean a whole lot of things..
And yes you guys are right..
Just like NEW YEAR’s..
START OVER and make things BETTER..
So what better way to CELEBRATE our 3rd year but to bring an amazing guy who’d give a whole new meaning to the word BAPTISM..

Let me introduce you folks to this amazing young man “JON LEO LIMBO”..
He’s a 22y.o SOFTWARE ENGINEER from the University of Santo Tomas..
A FOOTBALL PLAYER who loves to play BASKETBALL too..
You’d find out a lot more about this guy when you check his INSTAGRAM out (@johnleomari)..
His fondness of TRAVELLING..
Of his SHOES..
His FOOD..
and his FACE.. haha (peace Jon! Yeah he gets teased from having too much selfies..)
this man is definitely loved by all..
maybe it’s because of his SINCERITY..
the way he responds to people and the way he looks you in the eye..
or maybe his HUMILITY and the way he treats people with such respect..

JON has been on the pages of men’s fashion magazine “GARAGE”..  
Or maybe you’ve noticed him on ZALORA’s shopping pages while he’s modeling their watches..
This guy even has a clothing sponsor or shall we say a brand that he endorses which is METROJUAN from instagram..
Truly this guy is slowly having his way through the land of SHOW BUSINESS..

Anyway we won’t let him go without asking him some random questions that you folks might want to know about JON..

1. describe yourself in one word. MEEK

2. Theme song of your life? I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw

3. Last song you’ve played? Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran

4. Lights off or on? Lights On

5. Boxers or briefs? Briefs

6. Sexiest part of ur body? My arms i guess? Haha

7. When do you feel insecure? Never was. I know how to appreciate anything/anyone.

8. Celeb crush? Anne Curtis/Cristine Reyes/Sophia Bush/Amanda Seyfried

9. Any person whom you want to switch your life with? None. I'm contented with myself, 
the people around me and the things happening in my life.

10. Thoughts on about GAY people? Happy people that should be respected and they 
deserve to be treated with equality.

11. How do u see yourself 10yrs from now? Living a simple life with my future wife and 3 kids

12. How do you build thousands of followers on IG? Thanks to STALK and other partners who trusted me hehehe

13. Thoughts on being #1 most liked on @handsomefilipinos? That was so random, flattered and of course very thankful for the appreciation

14. Pet peeve? People who are so noisy and loud. I also find girls who always go to parties/bars and eventually gets drunk and wasted so annoying

15. Most embarrassing moment? When I was caught opening notes during a quiz back in HS. Hahaha

16. End of the world tom. Where would you be? Who would u bring? I'd want to be in a white beach. I want to be alone during that time for me to personally and peacefully reflect on the life I had lived.

17. Message to your fans? Let's not say fans, I don’t think I have any hehe I prefer, 
friends and family. I wanna thank my friends and family for the love and support they continuously give. I will never forget every help they gave, no matter how small it was.

18. How was it shooting with stalk? It was fun, exciting too! Hoping for more shoots with the team someday

19. How do u define ur style? Simple. I dont like wearing many accessories. Just a shirt or buttondowns paired with my jeans and sneakers. Good to go!

20. You go back to any of ur previous years in life then you see yourself.. what advice would you give yourself? Continue to go after your goals and remain humble, loving, helpful and kind.

I hope you folks got to know our coverboy better through this short interview..

CHEERS to MORE years of STALK’n!



Louie Ray Faundo

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